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11th November 2006, 02:13 AM
My little girl is 11 wks old and we have had her 2 weeks now. We are crate training and it is not going very well. She goes when we take her out, but she is having many accidents on my rug. I can take her out and she will pee. Thinking I can trust her, I'll leave her out of the crate, and 15 mins after she comes in, she pees on my rug. She has just about hit every rug in our living area. I am at my wits end and don't know what we are doing wrong, if anything. She has never pooped in the house, which is great, but the pee is driving me crazy She gives me no sign she has to pee, just squats and looks at me. If I catch her in the act, which I have most times. I tell her NO LILY then take her out. When she goes out side we act like complete idiots praising her (I'm sure my neighbors think we're nuts) and then she gets a treat. We are having to take her out at about 2:00 and 4:00 and , 6:00 AM when she starts whining in her crate in our room. I read somewhere that they should be holding it for 6 hours during the night. Not so Lily.

I papered trained my Lhasa at a younger age than Lily and she was going on the paper a week after I had her. I didn't want to paper train another, so we opted for the crate.

Please.....any suggestions you can give? She does lick herself an awful lot. Could she have a bladder infection? When is she going to start putting the praise and treats together with going outside.

11th November 2006, 03:22 PM
I am no expert and i'm sure you will get many other responses, but Lily is still very young. Seems to me that it is pretty normal for a pup this young to have to go out quite often to potty. When ours was that young we took him outside on a leash every 30 min. to go potty and always used praise and treats when he went. We would stay with him outside until he went and took him out without fail every 30 min. It was hard for us but it reduced any accidents in the house.
For overnight in the crate, we always took up his water bowl 2 hours before bedtime and made sure that he went out to potty just before putting him in the crate for the night. He could last about 5-6 hours before needing to go outside for potty.
When they are this little, it is all about getting them outside often, consistency on your part, and lots of praise when they go potty. You can even use special delicious treats that are only given after potty. That way Lily can begin to associate going potty outside with a really great positive experience. Not that your enthusiastic praise is not enough, but i found that extra good treats helps a lot! ;) Hang in there. :thmbsup:

Cathy Moon
11th November 2006, 04:12 PM
It might be a good idea to have her checked for a UTI. The frequency of urination and licking herself often are definite signs of UTI.

The vet may let you catch your own urine specimen by using a soup ladle, then put the urine into a clean jar. I keep baby food jars for the urine specimens. The urine should be brought in to the vets when it is fresh, otherwise the pH changes, etc. :flwr:

11th November 2006, 04:29 PM
I thought it might be a sign too. I'll get a sample.