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My Wesley
13th November 2006, 05:39 AM
I'll be getting our new baby in a few weeks and I'm trying to set everything up. I got the LifeStages crate for the house and I'm trying to decide on whether or not I should get a kennel as well for trips in the car. For the time being I have bought a seat belt strap thing which I plan on using in conjunction with the Puppia harness, once I get that ordered.

But do you all have crates AND kennels? Or do they sleep in the same kennel they ride in? How big is the kennel? There are just so many things and I wish I could buy them all!

13th November 2006, 06:54 AM
Gus does like when his crate is in the car, but it gets a little difficult lugging it back and forth... right now he is really into being in his Sherpa travel bag in the car or just on a blanket strapped to the seatbelt.

14th November 2006, 06:27 AM
i have a plastic kennel and a wire crate. i only really use the kennel. brady didn't really like to go in the crate when he was younger so the kennel just kinda stuck. for car trips i use a harness that attaches to the seatbelt. i don't really have to bring his kennel any more because he gets a long with the other dogs in the family now. i'm thinking about starting to switch to the crate now that he's gotten bigger because he's almost the length of the kennel. still thinking about that. not sure if i'm ready to let him have run of the kitchen yet. as for sleeping, he sleeps with my boyfriend and i in bed. :) he's just a little snuggles.

14th November 2006, 07:05 AM
I bought the nice, safe crate for the pups.....I never used it! :lol: ...I bought a big box home from the supermarket with a few old jumpers thrown in and they loved it!!! ;) I only keep the crate for emergencies now.

Mine all go in the back of the car as I have a hatch back, with a fitted dog gaurd.

I think we can all spend £££', and $$$'s on things that we don't really need... :oops: make it as simple as you can for yourself or wait until puppy arrives and then see what your needs are. :flwr:

Alison, Wilts, U.k.