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14th November 2006, 09:39 PM
I just called to inquire about Beginner Classes for Darby, darn it I just missed the next session and now have to wait until January 2007 which they already have a waiting list for too. :yikes :yikes :yikes :yikes

Is it normal for them to want to see Darby because he is not neutered for behaviour problems. ??????

I explained that I wanted to wait until he was close to 1 year before neutering him, they asked me to bring him in when a class is in the process of being in session.

Watch the little bugger will get so excited he won't be allowed to attend.

If that is the case, in everybody's opinion is it more important to have him enrolled in Puppy Classes or is it better to wait to have him neutered when he is 1 year old.

They asked me to call and let them know which night I would like to bring him so they can check him out for behaviour, I understand that they have to do this for the safety and concern of the owners of the other dogs in the class. They don't want a little red headed monster going around humping everybody. He actually is just starting to hump his Snuggle Puppy but I always re-direct him and he stops.

He already knows some tricks, it was more for socialization and also learning to walk properly on a leash.

14th November 2006, 10:05 PM
wow. my unqualified opinion is that he should be fine in a puppy class even if not neutered. i guess it's a good thing that they like to screen their students to make sure they can work with them. I don't think darby being excited is a reason for him not to be in class. just aggression maybe. i think he should be able to go to the class unneutered. but i don't really know. I like the idea of waiting to neuter but i'm not sure how much it matters. Zack has been healthier than ever since neutering. but they are just babies, i like to see them grow up before having traumas if possible. i do think ongoing training is important, but you are doing it yourself, and for socialization he has Dudley, and maybe you can get together with other dogs too. Dog park? I take it that's the only good puppy class available. When is the Darbster's birthday?

15th November 2006, 02:02 AM
It shouldnt make any difference if the pup is desexed or not. In open obedience there are many dogs male and female not desexed. The only thing that isnt allowed is if bitches are in season. And with puppies it shouldnt make a difference at all. Plus the fact that one of the reasons you go to puppy or dog classes is to prevent or get help with behavioural problems. I mean dont you want to go so that you and your dog can learn and socialise together? It might be worth enquiring at some other places if thats possible.

Cathy T
15th November 2006, 02:27 AM
I think it's great that they are screening so well. Should help make you feel safer. The reason is .... the boy's got hormones! Sounds to me like they just want to evaluate his behavior...can't imagine it would be a problem.

Barbara Nixon
15th November 2006, 11:10 AM
I can understand trainers wanting to see a dog beforehand, in order to choose the correct class for him. it is also an oportunity for you decide whether the class suits you. Avoid , like the plague, any class using choke chains, [beating or kicking (Yes I've seen all of these).

In the UK, as Selina mentions in Australia, even competition obedience dogs don't need to be done, though serious workers have there bitches done so they don't miss competition (besides the health reasons) and dos to keep their interest in the ring, should an in season bitch be around.

Izzy and Joly are both entire and have done really well at competition type obedience. Once working everything else is forgotten; though they've never had an in season bitch in the room/field.

15th November 2006, 02:29 PM
Thanks for the feedback everybody, I think I will just take him on Monday or Tuesday night and see what happens.

The waiting list for the classes in January are almost full and I have been to this Instructor before with Dudley but he was already neutered.

They moved so the drive is a bit further, but the room is huge that they use for training.

They are most likely just wanting to make sure that he will be behaved.