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matties mum
17th November 2006, 11:38 AM
Rules for Father Christmas's visit and safe arrival of presents.

1. Do not growl or bark when slay bells or hoof beats are heard on the roof.

2. Dont be surprised if Saint Nick uses the dog flap or chimney. He has a multi vacuum super thingy tube that clears up the soot.

3. He would appreciate some mince pie crumbs left (he cant eat them all, so please feel free to stuff your muzzels), although the raindeer prefur carrots and apples unnibbled.

4. Presents will be let only on the promise of no slobbering or wripping of paper takes part until the humans awake on Christmas Day (wakeing humans very early is still permitted).

5. Trips to Woof Lapland are still available, they cost 2 odd socks, a pair of tights, one shoe and a banana skin.

6. All dogs are expected to be silent on arrival and during Santas visit, tail sign language is the permitted.

7. Do not confuse Father Christmas with burglars, his the one with a beard and a red suit (ok dark grey your colour blind)

8. All dog Christmas lists can be sent via the dog flap com link dialing woofland.inc or the dustbin emergency links are always available (remember to empty the bin first for better reception).

9. The cat union will allow night time manovers to help dogs eat (opps rescue) woofy bix tree decorations.

10. All human chocolate is strickly out of bounds. Doggie chocs can be tested with the new bleep detector collar disc from Woofland.Inc, the price 1 pair of laddered tights or clean briefs.

11. It is recommended that all new dogs practice their innocent look just in case crumbs reveal night time manovers.

12. The Santa sock rescue appeal is up and running to provide much needed socks to keep raindeer antlers warm. Negotiate with the washing machine mice for best terms (they are partial to putty).

13. The cat union has also agreed that the occasional puss will allow them to be used as bedwarmers or paw warmers. It is highly recommended that each cat is asked first, as some would not like this job.

14. The annual dogs Christmas ball is to be held of the Isle of Dogs, tickets can be booked either through dog flap, bin, or bark alert incorporated. Keep barking if you cant get through as the lines are very busy this year.

17th November 2006, 11:54 AM
:lol: :lol: :lol:

17th November 2006, 01:03 PM
:) :)

I can't wait for Bradley's first ever Christmas celebrations. Makes me tearful thinking he's never had a Xmas dinner, or presents to unwrap. :(

murphy's mum
17th November 2006, 08:22 PM
:rotfl: Brill

17th November 2006, 09:14 PM
:) :)

I can't wait for Bradley's first ever Christmas celebrations. Makes me tearful thinking he's never had a Xmas dinner, or presents to unwrap. :(

Fran, when I had my foster, Holly, over the Xmas I cried on Xmas day thinking about how it was her 'first' Xmas. she was so excited though when she kept getting more and more presents & in the end she knew what to do.

This is her with hubby - she helped everyone open their pressies once she got the hang of it, bless her :D


and this is her extremely unsure of the antlers I put on her head :lol:


Cathy Moon
18th November 2006, 01:57 AM
:lol: We thoroughly enjoyed that! :lol: Thanks!!!!! :lol: