View Full Version : Cav pups lose their baby teeth?

18th November 2006, 07:08 PM
Hi all

I was wondering if anyone can clarify if this is true or not, our little Cav pup a tri-colour called Rio is 13 weeks old today :p

However I was talking to friends who have had dogs before and they said that sometimes the pups little baby teeth begin to fall out???? :yikes Is this true ????

Yesterday I heard this odd crunching sound inside Rio's mouth but he wasnt eating anything as I checked and found nothing. Again this happened today when eating his puppy denta bone, but it sounded more louder so I took a quick peek and saw something white at the back of the tounge and tried with all my might to fish it out but he swallowed it, it definitely wasnt off the small bone as it becomes mushy and is a different colour.

Can they swallow their own teeth? :sl*p: :yuk:

If anyone can verify this for me it would put our minds at rest and to watch out for his little teeth lying around

:( Our boy's growing up

Thanks all


Lucy's mum
18th November 2006, 07:36 PM
Both Henry & Lucy lost their first baby front teeth, starting at 17 weeks. I could feel & see them as loose and one by one out they came. Then the back teeth and then the canines.

2 of Lucy's baby canines were retained in her jaw even though the 2nd canines had grown so when she was spayed at 6 months the vet removed them. Most of the teeth fell out or were swallowed but I actually happened to find 3 of Lucy's - on the carpet and on her bed.

In the photo (these are Lucy's baby teeth) one is the first tooth to fall out ....teeny weeny front tooth.....then there is a back tooth and a canine. I have kept them just as one would keep a baby's tooth.

Henry is now putting up with wiggly back teeth - he's nearly 5 months. Takes more time to chew his dinner, sometimes we soften it for him.

Should I call the puppy tooth fairy?? ;) Just check out these tiny teeth!!!

18th November 2006, 07:44 PM
Cody lost his back molars about two weeks ago. I found one the hard way...I stepped on it :? Boy did that hurt!!! He doesn't really like it, but I am so curious about how many he has lost that I check regularly. He is always like "mom get out of my mouth!!!" :D

18th November 2006, 08:32 PM
Hi Melissa,

Don't worry, it's perfectly natural for them to lose their teeth and also to swallow them! I think Maxx swallowed most of his as I only found 3 but he still got all nice shiny new ones :lol:

At least with Cavs it's not like kids - they always wanted a £1 for a small tooth and a £2 for a big tooth! My youngest even said that if he put 2 teeth under together and a nice note, the tooth fairy might leave him extra for being polite :roll:

Thank heavens they've got all their adult teeth now :lol: Although my 20 yr old is getting his wisdom teth through and asked if he'd still get tooth fairy money if he has to have them removed :lol: