View Full Version : Swallowing Baby Teeth ... can these cause tummy troubles?

19th November 2006, 08:49 PM
Lucky's stool is still very soft, although the blood seems to have gone away :xfngr:

Anyway, he lost a baby tooth today - I think it was the last one.

I saw him trying to swallow something and reached in is mouth to try to get out whatever he had and lo and behold it was a tooth!!! I looked in his mouth and it looks like all his baby teeth have fallen out now. We haven't seen any others so I'm assuming he might have swallowed those too.

I was just curious, does anyone know - could these be contributing to his tummy troubles? I'm kind of hoping maybe this was the cause of his issues ...

Darby's Mom
19th November 2006, 09:01 PM
I wouldn't think so. I believe about 95% of puppy teeth are simply swallowed (the other 5% you end up stepping on with bare feet! ;) ). I have never heard of ingested teeth causing any problems. True, they are sharp, but they are also very small. Puppies tend to be more prone to tummy troubles (just like human babies), so I doubt the teeth are the issue.

I appologize, but I missed any prior discussion about Lucky's loose, bloody stool. Did you have a fecal run, by chance?

19th November 2006, 10:07 PM
Lucky's had at least 4 fecals done (both in the office and sent out to a lab) and is on a prescription diet. He spent all day there on Wednesday when he developed a rather scary bloody diarrhea in the morning. He had been doing great for about 3 weeks and then it suddenly flared up again last week. He's been on flagyl in the past and just finished his second course of panacur.

The vet talked about doing blood tests if it didn't get better after a few days. It is technically better (no blood), but I'm thinking maybe the blood test would not be a bad idea. They usually only do that if it's been persisting for a month or so and all other causes have been ruled out. My understanding is that is meant to check to see if it might be a protein imbalance.

I was really hoping maybe it might have been the baby teeth :(

Darby's Mom
19th November 2006, 10:50 PM
I was really hoping maybe it might have been the baby teeth

Being a puppy, is there anything else he could have gotten into and ingested?

Did the vet take any radiographs while poor Lucky was there on Wednesday?

19th November 2006, 11:00 PM
Being a puppy it is definitely possible that he might have ingested something - he's always sniffing around and the way he wants to eat everything he sees, you'd think we are starving him.

So, maybe he did get into something. I watch him closely but there are so many sticks and twigs outside and he's such a sniffer his nose is always on the ground. The vet didn't take any radiographs or anything, but did feel his tummy and said it was not sore so she did not believe there was any obstruction still inside (she believed that might be the issue since the prescription diet had been working so well for 3 weeks.

The vet said to call back if it hadn't cleared up in a few days so I plan to call again tomorrow and see what he next course of action is. I'd just gotten my hopes up that maybe those teeth were it.