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21st November 2006, 02:06 PM
I don't have many details as this is a first rescue for me but here is what I believe is happening. This Saturday I will be travelling to St. Louis, MO with another volunteer from Lucky Star, Kim Olive. :drivecar: We will be picking up 20-30 Cavaliers (the number is still up in the air) ranging in age from 4 months to 6-8 years old. It's my understanding that a couple of MILLS closed down and Lucky Star purchased these poor little guys. I think that at nearly half of them are under a year old. With this size of an undertaking more foster families are needed. If you have it in your heart and room in your home to help, please go to Lucky Star's web site and complete an application to foster. Pictures of them are not on the site. We don't know yet what their physical shape is or what their needs might be but do know they need somewhere to get settled AND LOVED until they can find a permanent home. Most have already be "vetted" and the others are going to be examined as soon as possible. There is a lovely young vet here in Indy who is willing to give LS a sizable discount. As we are bringing them to Indianapolis so it would be ever so helpful if you lived within a 100 miles or so or would be willing to "travel" to pick them up. If you are able to help in any way, fostering, adopting or financially, please contact Lucky Star or even PM me directly and I'll get someone to reach out for you right away. Please keep these dear babies in your thoughts and prayers.

JaneB :lotsaluv: :thnx:

21st November 2006, 03:45 PM
Oh... I wish I was closer!!!! I would do anything to help those poor little loves and I am just waiting for my chance!! If a transporter or a foster is needed in Florida let me know!! they just seem so far out of reach!! :(

The babies (old and young) are in my thoughts and prayers...let me know if I can help! :flwr:

My Wesley
21st November 2006, 03:56 PM
If I wasn't just starting out with a new puppy in two weeks, I'd LOVE to help! But this is my first experience with Cavs. Do you think it's possible? My husband would probably flip at me even thinking of it, but we are close enough to help. I'll see what I can do. And put the word out to others.

21st November 2006, 03:57 PM
Jane, I have read of other rescues in Missouri by Lucky Star, and what I don't understand is, these dogs always seem to go to other states, never staying in Missouri. why is that? Is there a major lack of volunteers in Missouri or does Lucky Star just prefer to get them out of the state since Missouri, I'm told, is the biggest puppy mill state in the US?

Just curious


21st November 2006, 05:06 PM
I'm not sure, but MO does have its issues with milling. I'm so new a volunteer with Lucky Star (1 week) that I don't have the particulars. I know they are always looking for new mom's and dad's for these guys. Have you filled out a request/application? From what I gather, they really try to fit the family to the dog rather than visa versa. The dog comes first! If you are interested in adopting or fostering let me know. I think that they often will come through IN on their way elsewhere. The upper east (NJ) has a wonderful network of foster folks as does FL. I know that the number of Cavs has really increased in the past year or so and it has created additional challenges for the the organization. It used to be that so few Cavs were available that the wait list was really long. I tried for 2 years to get a dog through rescue and finally gave up. I think that has really changed in the recent months. I have decided that maybe my energy (lord knows I have lots) might be of value to LS and perhaps can be an encouragement for others to get involved. If I can be of any help in getting you on the "rescue train" please let me know.

21st November 2006, 05:14 PM
i just made a small paypal donation to lucky star cavalier rescue, i hope that's the same one you are talking about that will be dealing with so many dogs. if it's not the same one, i figure it's still a good cause, but let me know if there's another one that's dealing with this crisis.
i wish i could take some dogs, to both foster and adopt. that's my fantasy, if i ever get a house some day.
good luck finding homes! keep those reports coming...

21st November 2006, 05:18 PM
I don't mean to be off topic, but JaneB ~ Thank God for you. You really are an angel for these little guys. *ng*l How great that you're so into this and passionate about it. I am so glad you're back and posting again.

I hope you guys get homes sorted out for all of the LS cavvies. It's so unfortunate that milling is so popular in some places. :( I would love to have a little rescue, but I am not sure how getting over the boarder works (with rabies and such) and then transportation on top of that. I am going home next June, so if God has it in the cards, maybe I can stop and "pick up" a rescue on my way home. :) We'll see. Jane - even though I am far away if there's anything I can do to help, let me know! :)

My Wesley
21st November 2006, 05:52 PM
I just sent a Paypal donation to Lucky Star since I won't be able to help by fostering. Good luck! And I'm looking for homes out this way to help out.

21st November 2006, 06:47 PM
I am so glad that there are wonderful people who rescue these poor sweet dogs....and I feel bad that I'm not able to do anything to help right now, I live in an apartment and already have 2 dogs, but someday when I get my own place I would love to help out and take one or two dogs. Let us know how it goes, I hope all find loving forever homes. I wish the puppy mill people would be fined and sent to jail!

21st November 2006, 09:14 PM

Actully, I am in the process of adopting with Lucky Star. Just had a home visit a few days ago. Don't have any idea if it's gonna be a go or not, guess I'll find out....

I will tell you I'm in Missouri, and have checked on a few dogs listed and it seems many of them have come from Missouri, but are no longer in Missouri and therefore not close enough anymore to come back to Missouri for adoption.

I would love to foster, BUT, we are not set up for fostering and even though there is someone here all day, we both work, and I don't think fostering multiple dogs and working full time is a good combination.

I just noted that 20 or 30 dogs are having to be transported to Indiana from Missouri and wondered why? Matter of fact, there was nobody from LS to do our home visit and LS had to enlist someone else to do it. Just seems strange for such a large state.


21st November 2006, 10:33 PM
As I said in my earlier post, the number of Cavs has increased in the past few months. I don't know, I'm only guessing, but perhaps there isn't a large enough network set up in MO as yet to handle the fostering situation. From what I have recently learned, the rescues really need to be fostered and evaluated before going to a forever home. This helps to insure the right match is made. These little guys have most likely never been shown kindness nor the type of attention we give our beloved dogs without even thinking. I'm sure they've never been cuddled or allowed to get in a bed and snuggle with a human. I am new to this and am just beginning to feel my way around the whole system of who, what, where and why, so please take any of my conjectures as just that - a guess. If you aren't in a position to foster, maybe you can help in other ways. I'm trying to come up with ideas to help raise funds for LS as I'm certain the expenses to keep the organization going has to be off the charts. Imagine vetting 20 or 30 dogs at one time - and that is just in one state! I have talked to one of the "doggie spas" here in Indy about letting us set up a photo day near Valentine's Day. "Have your picture taken with the one who loves you - unconditionally!" My husband and daughter are great photographers and are going to do the shoot. One of the national pet chain stores is trying to get approval to allow us to do an "Educational" week-end event to explain what the breed is and what to do to help get rid of mills and how to get involved in rescue. I spoke to a great dog bakery owner today about sponsoring a "Walk in the Park" to raise funds for Lucky Star, maybe we could do something like that in multiple cities (countries) on the same day??? Let your imaginations run wild!!!


Cathy T
21st November 2006, 11:52 PM
Jane - thanks so much for what you are doing. Rescue organizations survive because of people like you.

I have very few rescue situations here in San Diego but have made arrangements with my vet for discounted services for rescue (they will discount 20%) and my groomer will clean them up for free.

I feel it is very important that they are fostered before being placed in a home. The idea behind rescue is to find the right home for the right dog and you can't do that without getting to see the dog's personality over a space of time.

I love your idea of photos for fundraising...what a great idea. I printed out your picture of your puppy "reading" the newspaper with your husband and put it on my fridge. It's just such a fabulous picture! You have a wonderful eye for photography!!

Keep up the good work!

22nd November 2006, 04:29 PM
Thanks Cathy. And great work on the vet and grooming help. It all adds up.
The update on the Midwest fostering situation is that we have found spots for all the babies and will be on our way Saturday morning to get them. We are renting a cargo van so we can bring them ALL back - 22 at this time. Many of them will be picked up Saturday night by their foster folks, two little boys will go to Cincinnati on Sunday so they can get their knees fixed, a couple others will go to Atlanta and a few will be heading to the northeast. After Nean's post I did some checking and the reason many of the rescues end up in particular parts of the country is because of the foster networks that are already in place. These guys sometimes have to travel hundreds of miles to find a foster home. From past experience with volunteer organizations, it is often difficult to communicate what the needs are due to budgetary constraints and the fact that there just aren't enough volunteers to work the programs and get the word out - the old chicken and egg problem.
In one of the posts someone (sorry can't remember who) asked what else they could do. If you would like to become a foster parent, fill out the application on line at Lucky Star.
Additionally, one thing I found that is needed for rescue (and your local animal shelters) is bedding. Clean out your cupboards and closets and donate blankets and old towels! It never dawned on me what a need there would be for the stuff we generally pitch in the trash.

Sorry for the long post but as you can tell, I have become obsessed with this! Who will speak for them if not us? Thanks to all of you who have been so generous with your kindness and your donations. I'll try to get some pictures posted next week. Again, you guys are the best!

PS We will have the delight of having a 5 month old tri girl living with us for a time. Even my husband is looking forward to her arrival. We haven't told our girls or Rudy of her impending arrival - I'm sure someone will have a pouty face.