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25th November 2006, 08:47 PM
Have any Irish members ever tried or heard of this brand of dog food?. There was a promotion at my local shopping centre and I did pick up a leaflet but haven't read it properly yet.
I've seen the name before but never used it and there seemed to have different options like, for puppies and older dogs and overweight dogs....I'm not sure how readily available it is though but I would be interested in peoples opinion of it.

26th November 2006, 02:29 PM
A lot of Irish dog breeders feed this. I don;t know much about it as a food -- I remember looking thru the ingredients list and it is OK but not great. If I remember lots of low quality sources of protein (eg 'derivatives'). However they do a line of Supreme foods (their 'Leader' brand) that look like they could be quite good. But they don't list actual ingredients on their website.

This is what it says:


LEADER from RED MILLS is a wholly natural food in that the ingredients are the purest ingredients, available today. The ingredients we use are 100% natural - and more expensive than what is normally included in a dog food. In LEADER dog foods were are including the absolute best ingredients - and you are feeding the best dog food you can feed your dog because...

LEADER provides a properly balanced ratio of Omega 6 : Omega 3 fatty acids thus promoting a healthy skin and coat. These essential fatty acids also enable your dog to maintain peak energy and' condition.
LEADER does not use artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.
LEADER is free of beef and lamb products.
LEADER's protein is based on prime quality chicken and herring.
LEADER is unique in that it contains oats, a source of very special carbohydrate and oil. LEADER is wheat gluten free and is suitable for dogs needing a sensitive diet.
LEADER is free from ethoxyquin - considered potentially damaging to the good health and long life of your dog.
LEADER's superb palatability and quality ingredients. You will not need to add any enticements or supplements except under veterinary advice.


I've only ever seen the cheaper foods on sale but I'd be really interested in getting more info on the premium foods.

27th November 2006, 04:45 PM
I'm interested in this - I'll read up some more and perhaps get a sample and try it out on the doggy family.