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25th November 2006, 11:29 PM
I just received my "poochie Bells" late this afternoon and tried them one time with Katydid....
Well, 5 minutes ago Katydid rang the bells and I rushed her outside and she peeed! ;)
I know......she was probably just playing but I am going to think otherwise :lol: !
Any of you use the bells?
How long did it take for the connection to complete with your doggies?

Teddy and sweet little Katydid

25th November 2006, 11:34 PM
What a smart little prodigy Katy is!!! My Casey got the connection that ringing the bells got him access to the great fenced outdoors in just a day or two. He then rang, rang, rang those bells. I just kept putting him out every time. After a few days, he only rang when he had to go or when he was really bored and just wanted to watch the world go by. Even the cat learned to ring the bells when she wants to go out!!!

Good job Katydid!!!!!

26th November 2006, 12:40 AM
Hey Molly!
We'll see how it goes. Katy has had a trainer work with her once in OCtober and just on Friday morning again. She is very motivated by
F-o-o-d and seems to be quick at picking up what we want her to do (sit was mastered after her first session, now we are working on downs....)
She is going to Petsmart next week for puppy class...even tho' she is going on 6 months, these pups are little and I think that is a better fit for her instead of beginner obedience.
She is a little trip! She thinks she rules the house but oh sooo sweetly!
I thank God every day for Teddy and Katydid...they are truly the distraction I need these days.
How are ya Molly? We DO need to do a cavalier play date someday! :flwr:

26th November 2006, 12:16 PM
:w**h**: Well done Katydid :flwr:

Nancy, of course she knows what they are for and that's why she went out to pee :lol:

Such a clever girl and of course, teddy will have been whispering in her ear as to what she should be doing too ;) :lol:

27th November 2006, 06:57 AM
Woohoo!! great work!
she is a very intelligent little doggy!

i dont actually use the bell so i cant help you there