View Full Version : We Are Not Toys

matties mum
26th November 2006, 01:26 PM
We are not toys
Like you do, we live
Like you do, we eat, we do pee & poo too
We need love to grow
We are not toys
When we are babies, we need food for puppy
When we are babies, we do pee & poo everywhere
At night sometimes we miss our moms & cry
We are not toys
Playing with you is very joyful, so we happen to bite
Playing with you is very pleasing, so we happen to pee
But stop hitting us with a furious face, please teach us
We are not toys
In freezing winter, we want to be hugged with warmth
In boiling summer, we cannot breathe in a muggy room
Little by little please treat us as one of your family members
We are not toys
You said we are cute & brought us home, but as time passed
You say we are a burden & kick us
We grow too, we cannot be a little cute fluffy puppy for good
We are not toys
When you are in good mood, you care for us
When you are in bad mood, you take out anger on us
Please do not change your tune depending on your mood
We are not toys
“Pet” what is it?
“Pet” isn’t it that caring & loving animals?
We are not slaves
We are not toys
Do you see that we have hearts?
Do you have hearts?
No need for words, you & we can communicate by telepathy
We are not toys
Our moms breed puppies for you
Our moms do not breed puppies for money
Our moms were not born for your business
We are not toys
When you are sad, we cheer you up
When you are happy, we are happy as well
We feel what you feel
We are not toys
You beat us, but we bear the pain
You know we have much stronger teeth than you?
But we do not want to use our teeth to hurt you
We are not toys
We want to be loved
We do not want to be dumped
We are the weak in your world
We cannot live without your support
We love you
We were born to be killed in a chilly concrete room?
We did anything bad to you?
We are not criminals
Please help us out
Please give us a kind welcome
You can do it
You can save us, if your eyes rest on us a little bit more
You are animals called human, we are animals called dogs
We are animals like you
We are not toys