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26th November 2006, 03:51 PM

This will probably be a long post, but thought some of you would like an update.

Well, we made it back with lots of fur balls. The trip was a breeze, seemed as if most folks were not back on the road as yet following the holiday so the traffic was fairly light.:drivecar: :drivecar: We travelled about 4 hours and met with another Lucky Star Rescue volunteer and picked up our precious cargo. Here's what we brought home with us: 1 Charlie(tri); 1 Charlie/Cav mix with her four 2 week old butterball puppies(B); 4 Blenheim boys that are about 14 weeks old and darling; 2 B/Ts that are about 14 weeks old, 1 M and 1 F, the little girl is to have patella surgery next week, she is lovely but her little legs are awful; 2 tri girls - one 3-4 months old and teeny, tiny, one is about 5 months old; 2 "retired" tri females; 1 year old male tri; 1 retired blenheim female; 1 ruby 5 month old female that looks like a snowflake just melted on her nose; and a black and white ever so tiny black and white female Japanese Chin.

What a van load! They were stinky but all in all a really healthy group of kids. Most are so young that they are just plain old puppies in their behavior. The three oldest females are the most in need of attention and patience, as would be expected. One of the tri's wanted so badly to be loved but was so shy she would just lean on my leg but by the end of the night - nearly midnight - she was wagging her tail a bit and would put her paws on my leg. She should come around quickly if placed in a quiet home where she can get lots of attention. The other tri will take a lot more time but should do well after awhile. We aren't sure if she is really overweight or maybe pregnant. As she had not been vetted ???? The blenheim is going to be the most difficult to socialize, her fear causes her to bolt and then stiffen her entire body. She also has a really big underbite so her face is uniquely her own but will most likely need some extensive dental work.

We bathed 11 of them last night - they were sooooo stinky! :grnyuk: These guys had not as yet been vetted so they will head to the hospital today for a two week stay and have all their surgeries. Then off to foster homes for a few weeks. Surprisingly they all (save the Blenheim girl) seemed to enjoy their makeovers and allowed us to trim their feet and nails without complaint. Afterward they romped outside in a large XPEN and ate and pooped and ate some more. They spent the night in a heated garage in clean bedding with soft music playing. Quite a change for all of them.

The others, the ones who had already been vetted will have to wait for their baths until they reach their fosters as their stitches were still in place from their recent spay/neutering. Their foster folks are picking them up today so by tonite they will be clean and settled.

I brought home Ella, a 5 month old Tri. She got her bath around midnight, her first blowdry and was a perfect angel throughout. I don't like to bath them at night but you could smell her for miles. :*gh: I drove home with the windows down and the heater and seat warmers on full blast. Whew! Fauna is taken with her and the two have run and run and run, first one chasing the other, then visa versa. Flora is not so sure - she's the fraidy cat but I think she'll warm up to her once the dust settles. Rudy has been a complete gentleman with her, must "softer" in his bulldogishness that usual. Ella slept through the night without complaint, I'm sure she was exhausted and just happy to be clean and warm.

I'll get some pics posted soon so you can see what some of the kids look like. If anyone is looking for a new addition to their family, make application on-line at www.luckystarcavalierrescue.org. The dogs won't be posted until they have been vetted and in their foster homes for a couple of weeks, but go ahead a get the process started. :flwr: This was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. It is difficult to see the suffering of these poor guys but how truly wonderful it feels to watch their eyes change from fear to love and gratitude. It happens so quickly. This is the most amazing breed of dogs. In all we were doing and exposing them to, not one time did any of them try to nip us.

Watch for our pictures and again, thank so all for your support and good wishes. :thnku:


26th November 2006, 04:08 PM

Thanks so much for sharing your experience. How awesome that these lucky dogs wound up with Lucky Star. I work with a small rescue placing cavaliers that are rejected from the miller. And though we're tiny compared to Lucky Star and don't have a file of applicants, it is so rewarding to match a pup to the perfect forever home. I can't imagine what a "high" you must be on after saving so many! Contact me if you ever need help in Arkansas. Thanks for all you do!

26th November 2006, 04:11 PM
Thanks for that story Jane. I really enjoyed reading it. Here's to hoping these little guys will be placed in their forever homes quickly and that they will be healthy. :flwr: Looking forward to the pictures! :)

26th November 2006, 04:48 PM
What a great story and thanks for taking the time to give us such details, as those small things are what really helps us to share the experience with you. I am just delighted you all were able to get this number of dogs, especially young ones spared a life in breeding quarters. I am sure the blenheim girl will slowly come around too. It is so, so hard to understand how anyone can keep dogs in such circumstances to begin with. :x Give my best to the Lucky Star folks -- :wggle:

26th November 2006, 05:24 PM
You are a saint Jane! Thats so wonderful to hear how many precious Cavy's have found a better life. I hope one day I will find a way to participate in helping this beautiful breed!

Cathy T
26th November 2006, 11:36 PM
How wonderful that you shared so much with us in such detail. I truly enjoyed reading it and got a real feel for what it was look. Bless you for doing this! And now...may they all find wonderful forever homes. I smiled as I read about them sleeping in a heated garage with clean bedding...I can just imagine what a new experience that was for them and can only imagine how much they enjoyed that bit of comfort.

27th November 2006, 01:48 AM
Here I am in Florida, knawing on my finger nails hoping at least one of them come near enough for me to hop in my car to pick one up to foster (up to 300 miles!!!! Let's start this transport train!). I am so eager and waiting for a baby to come here. Since most are all so young, I know that Cody and Wesley would adore a playmate. KEEP ME POSTED!!!! I keep having dreams every night about a baby that is coming to join me some day, but all the details are fuzzy. I hope I can make a difference!