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26th November 2006, 10:17 PM
Ok... Tandie doesn't do 'fetch'. She doesn't chew. She has absolutely no interest in any toy of any kind, be they soft, cute and cuddly or chewy or bouncy. She's not even very interested in pigs ears. :yikes :? :shock: Any dog I've ever met has LOVED these. The only toy she's interested in is the CAT, who (thankfully) has decided he is no longer Tandie's plaything and is not running away anymore (although that in itself is bringing more problems...)

So we've been following some advice to try and get her interested in playing by using kongs. The problem is we can't seem to get her too interested in these either. We've tried them with kibble, yogurt, cheese and sardines. We've tried them with the kibble loose inside so it's very easy to get out, and with smelly stuff so she knows there's food there. But unless she can lick it out or it falls out she just won't seem to WORK to get it out. She will move it around a bit but won't CHEW it.

Suggestions anyone?

26th November 2006, 10:42 PM
do her teeth or jaws hurt?
maybe she was punished for chewing in the past.
or, maybe it's just not her thang.
i gather she likes food, just not chewing things that aren't food?
Does she chew the kibble when it's by itself? if so, i would doubt her teeth hurt.
does she play tug o war?
i gotta tell ya, if she doesn't like pig ears, she may just not be a chewing kind of girl. did you try bully stix or rawhides?
how about raw meaty bones? I would maybe try that, and if she doesn't chew on those after she gets the meat off, then i would conclude it ain't gonna happen.
Maybe when the new doggie arrives and starts chewing things, she'll get into it. when we were visiting with belle, we gave both zack and belle each a rawhide, and zack was thrilled to have his, and laid down to chew it. Belle left hers lying on the floor and started trying to get zack's away from him. poor guy. she kept grabbing at his rawhide, and he'd get up and run across the room with it and lay down and chew it again, and she'd come and get right up in his face and start trying to pull it away again. This went on for a long time, zack kept getting up and moving, belle just followed and kept trying to get his rawhide. Offering her her own rawhide made no impression on her, that wasn't what she wanted. she wanted to play. :lol: but normally she does enjoy chewing rawhides.
this incident was impressing on me how gentle these dogs can be. most dogs i know would've growled at a dog doing what belle was doing, because he didn't want to play, he wanted to just chew. but he never growled. he just kept getting up and moving, to no avail.
glad to hear flea is getting it worked out. :c*t:

26th November 2006, 11:00 PM
Poor Tandie! Maybe she's just a cuddle type of girl..

But the pup may help. Amber's arrival has made Holly interested in toys and chews that she previously ignored, mainly on the principle of 'hey, she's got it, I want it!' It's amazing... :D

Bet you're getting excited now! Any more pics of him?

ETA: you could always get a kitten just for tandie... then Flea (how on earth did you come up with that one?! Poor kitty) can have the (hopefully) less threatening puppy.

H'mm. If he turns out like Amber, that just ain't gonna happen... :lol:

26th November 2006, 11:33 PM
Judy... don't think she has a problem chewing. She did eat one pigs ear and chewed relentlessly until it was gone, but I'm starting to think that was a one off :lol: Also no problem chewing 'easier' food like kibble etc.
A big old bone might be way to go :yuk: She won't play tug or war either (unless it's a cat's tail icon_whistling ). She thinks we're all nutters. :roll:

Lisa! I've been thinking the new puppy will bring out a whole new side to her ;) She can be very playful when she wants to be (she has started 'dancing' when the food bowl or her puppia comes out)