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27th November 2006, 01:34 AM
You know folks I've been having some very horrible dreams about Max lately, nightmares in fact.

Twice I've dreamed lately about him falling out of the bedroom window, (second story high) with horrible consequences and another about losing him while walking. On each occasion I've woken up immediately after the dreams and found it hard to go back to sleep.

I think myself it might be because we have the little ruby found at the dump who is the sweetest, softest little thing and I find myself wondering what on earth happened to him in his short life to find himself trying to survive on a dump..

Anyway maybe it's just a natural reaction to something like this - hopefully it will all blow over soon.

27th November 2006, 01:43 AM
Maybe the bad dreams are telling you to keep a more watchful eye on Max. Can you block your window off so he cant fall out? And maybe dont let him off for a run when out. I had terrible dreams about my son getting hit by a car just outside the front of our old house. We had just moved in and it didnt have a front gate. So we got the gate on and the dreams went away. Sometimes I think it can be your subconcious telling you what you are most afraid of. I hope your nightmares go away and you can sleep easy tonight and from then on.

27th November 2006, 06:53 AM
oh i have had a couple of bad dreams about my two running away and never coming back..i always wake up with my heart beating like a drum and me sweating like crazy...i think its probably because thats what happened with my last dog and im terrified of happening to these 2...i think selina is right when she says

Sometimes I think it can be your subconcious is telling you what you are most afraid of.

i also hope these dreams will go away for you!

27th November 2006, 06:55 AM
I agree with Selina. Sometimes our subconsciousness kicks in & we think or dream about things that in reality would probably never happen.

Take a few extra measures in security and I'll bet the dreams will go away :flwr:

How is the little Ruby now Sannie? Is he a keeper?

27th November 2006, 10:27 AM
i agree with the others.....before my son was born i dreamt the midwife dropped him out of a window when she tripped .....i thinks its the protection side of us loving something so much and wanting no harm to come to them

try not to worry ....its no ever going to be real XXX

27th November 2006, 10:48 AM
A dream is just that, A Dream!! dont worry I am sure he wil be ok. :hug:
I know they can be scary. God Bless. :flwr:

27th November 2006, 11:44 AM
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27th November 2006, 05:00 PM
How is the little Ruby now Sannie? Is he a keeper?[/quote]

Definitely a keeper, he's a gorgeous quiet affectionate little thing and seems very content to be here. :p His coat is beginning to grow in, he had been completely shorn up as apparently when he was found he was in a pretty bad state - I can't wait for his ears to grow. He's due a second vet visit this week for the rest of his vac's and stuff - his fur has stopped falling out in clumps where he had sores on his skin. :p and we love him to bits.

I'm not so worried I think now in the light of day re: bad dreams, windows are closed anyway apart from the little top one in my bedroom and Max is great at recall when we are out in the park near us which is well enlclosed - it's true tho we just love them so much our subconscious deals with the stuff we consciously don't want to think about - thanks for all the kind words and advice.