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28th November 2006, 02:55 PM
I realize that there have been several threads about itching. Spencer and my aunt's dog Gabbye seem to have very severe allergies this time of year. I ordered the Quistel shampoo as it was recommended on another thread, but it has not really helped at all. I feel so bad for both of them as they are scratching non-stop. It all started for both of them when the weather changed.

I spoke to my vet about Spencer's allergies as his ears get very prone to infection when the weather changes. He had some very helpful tips about his ears. The scratching had not started then. I take Izzy in on Saturday for her booster, and I will ask him about it then.

Until then, any suggestions from those of you with very itchy-skinned dogs? Suggestions for diet, shampoo, brushing, etc?

Thanks! :flwr:

Barbara Nixon
28th November 2006, 03:21 PM
I had no luck with Quistel, either. I think it made Teddy worse.

29th November 2006, 08:20 AM
zack has been scratching more lately, some days more than others. i can't help considering SM, especially with a lot of discussion going on about it since the conference.

But also, since the weather has changed , i've been feeling more itchy too, it was quite bad for a while, the insides of my nostrils got very irritated. and this never happens. i don't generally have allergies, sinus symptoms, or anythnig like that. But i do get it in the winter, i guess things are drier and my friend at work was complaining about the same thing. She said it could be dust mites or mold or fungus in the air. So maybe whatever has been making me itchy is making Zack itchy too.

I don't have any solutions that i've tried yet.

Some people claim that after they started feeding raw, things like itchiness went away. I do think about trying it but i think i'm just not handy enough with food. but maybe i'll try those pre-made raw diet meals.

29th November 2006, 03:40 PM
To provide some immediate relief I would ring your vet and ask if you can give an antihistamine, what brand, strength etc ??

I would also suggest you keep a diary:
what times is the scratching ?
Is it constant ?
What area of the body is being scratched ?
Is the area being scratched hot ? etc etc
You (or your vet) can tell a lot from the type of itching, and it is hard to remember these things if they come and go or intensify (sry 4 spelling) at certain times.

I use virbac episoothe shampoo for my baby who has chronic allergies, they do a range of products that soothe the skin but I think it depends on the cause of the itch as to what products will provide relief.
Good luck with it.