View Full Version : HOMED: B&T Cavalier Male on Ireland AM

28th November 2006, 10:52 PM
Hi ,
did anyone see the black and tan cavalier on Ireland AM this morning he is a rescue looking for a home about 3 years old .He looked really adorable .
Hope someone will rescue him soon .

29th November 2006, 01:23 AM
Yes, he is being homed through my friends Helena and Remi who run ASH rescue: www.ashanimalrescue.com

I spoke to Helena about this dog earlier and she has several wonderful-sounding possibilities for homes and will pass any 'leftovers' :lol: to me. people who still would like a cavalier. She actually had two cavaliers in at once -- very rare for them -- one is already homed and this fellow was still looking.

In the general section I stickied a link about some lovely cavalier (and other dog) Christmas cards whose sales will benefit ASH. This is a truly wonderful rescue and buy a pack or two to help them out, if you are in Ireland! Or consider becoming one of their regular supporters. They helped me many times when I was first doing rescue and are the most self-sacrificing couple imaginable.

They also ALWAYS need volunteers to walk dogs. So if anyone would like a day in the Wicklow mountains dog walking some very deserving dogs, and giving Helena and Remi a bit of a breather, take some friends and drive up to help them out. Give them a ring to arrange and tell them I sent you! 8) It is beautiful up there.