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30th November 2006, 06:00 AM
obsessive idiocy...LOL..17 degrees this evening and Robbie and I go to agility class...LOL..we are in a horse arena but there is no heat...however we had a great class..

had a course set up with 2 sets of 3 jumps down the middle with a U shaped tunnel at both ends and around the periphery the dog walk and broad jump on one side and the a frame and jump on the other side with the weave poles in between those ... Robbie was doing some great sends to the tunnel... He can work with such great distance...in one seqence we were doing the A frame, jump to tunnel and down the middle 3 jumps tunnel and back up the other side 3 jumps....anyway coming off the aframe I sent him to the jump and tunnel and layered the first 2 jumps of the middle jumps...wooohooooo first time I've ever layered..*G*....Robbie was doing great...Now if we can just get a weave pole entry we'll be ready to enter our first trial...LOL...oh and he's got to be old enough..*G*..

We have had a problem with him running off...horse poop and cat poop are much more interesting than cheese..LOL..but he was much better tonight..only ran off once where he wouldn't come back and I had to go get him..otherwise he came back every time I called.

30th November 2006, 01:59 PM

I would change your treats from cheese - I used this for my dog when I started off. However, it is very fattening - not what you want in agility. Plus it goes sqidgy in the heat. :yuk:
My boy is half PBGV and thus has a very strong nose. He too was attracted by other animals droppings - you name it he ate it!
The answer is to go for nice smelly treats - many people use frankfurters or some kind of sausage. The object is to make yourself more interesting than the 'droppings' icon_whistling
The best treat of all is home made liver cake, non fattening and good for them. Do you have the recipe for that? If not, let me know and I'll post it for you.
Others have used cooked black sausage or pudding - verrrrrry motivating.
The other trick is to vary your treats often - so the dog doesn't get bored with what you're offering.
Make sure you only offer very small bits of treat- otherwise the dog fills up too quickly, and becomes demotivated as well. Plus a full stomach is not good for dogs doing agility - but I'm sure you know that already - sorry if I'm teaching Granny to suck eggs here :sl*p:

30th November 2006, 03:14 PM
Robbie is actually very food motivated and we use alot of different treats from Cheerios to cheese to liver..like my lab he could care less what we are using for treats as long as he is getting some..LOL..

30th November 2006, 03:18 PM
woohooo Robbie!!

You have to tape him sometime so we can all watch it too!! :P

I would love to get Kosmo into agility. I'm waiting until we get through classes for obedience though so we'll have a continuation with obedience. It will be fun! :)

Kosmo goes nuts for cheese.. I'm sure Robbie is exercising every little bit of cheese off that you give him too!! :P I use cheese with Kos occasionally. If it's people food, he'll eat it, guaranteed! lol :P

30th November 2006, 03:23 PM
I used to think the type of treat didn;t matter as Jaspar is really food motivated but BOY does he concentrate for certain smelly meats. A small piece of dried tripe works too though obviously you cannot treat as you go with something like that; it is really a reward at the end of doing a whole series of things or running a course. When I was housetraining Jaspar I shifted from a kibble or cheese reward to bits of hotdog or suasage for poops in particular and he really learned fast! :)

Barbara Nixon
30th November 2006, 05:32 PM
I've used hot dog type sausage for years, but once got some Saisbury's expensive 'something special' variety, with garlic, as it was reduced. My goodness, we got extra effort that night. Haslet is agood alternative, too, as it has a striong scent.

30th November 2006, 07:04 PM
Haslet is brilliant!
Cheese really isn't very good for dogs - I know they like it, but then they also like chocolate - and look how bad that is ( unless its doggy chocolate that is 8) ). A one off treat fine, but if you're using it for training then its really not that good for their digestion.
My Ernie would work for crumbs as he also is very food motivated - but like Karlin says - its amazing the extra effort you get for a real smelly highly desirable treat :D
I'm attaching a couple of photos of my lad taken a couple of years ago at Crufts. We're competing at our 4th Crufts this year.
Apologies that he's not a Cavalier - but he has lots of Cavalier friends at club :p

30th November 2006, 07:15 PM
Haslet is not only brilliant but adorable! And no one can ever be too nuts over agility! You go Robbie!