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30th November 2006, 09:19 AM
Since before i got Sam i knew he was slightly deaf. The last couple of days i really think he could be totally deaf as i have noticed if u call him from behind he wont respond at all, though if im in front of him and tap my knee comes straight over wagging the tail. Also last night when he was in the sitting room panned out in front of the fire i made lots of noise behind him also when he was awake did the same Sam never moved whats so ever.
Just wondering has any one else got a deaf dog, how can i make life easer for sam, also with him been deaf what hidden dangers need i keep a look out for.
Would it be worth Sam while to bring him to vet to confirm.

Thanks in advance.

30th November 2006, 01:14 PM
Have a look at:


from a couple of days ago. :)

He most likely can hear some frequencies as he could definitely hear some things outside for example.

Generally you need to be carefuly not to acidentally startle a deaf dog, and esp. for kids not to do this. That's just good common sense. :) Also be cautious when outside and keep in mind a deaf dog will have poor recall and shouldn;t ever be off lead in an area where there's traffic. You can try a whistle to see if that works, like a high frequency dog whistle.

Check out the link in the thread above on teaching deaf dogs and managing deaf dogs.

A vet will likely only confrim what you are seeing -- to properly test a dog's hearing you need to do a BAER test at a university (like UCD) but there's not too much point, probably, in his case. His deafness is probably due to PSOM: