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2nd December 2006, 02:28 AM
I am looking for a good match and loving forever-home for Charlie. Charlie is a ruby, male, about 18 months old and weighs about 13-15 lb. He came into rescue 10 months ago...possibly a miller "stud reject," and was adopted by a woman with a 12 y/o lab and 3 cats. They all get along wonderfully.

The woman's adult son was recently diagnosed terminal and she has spent most of her time being with him in out of state. When she's gone, all of her pets cared for by friends and family or boarded, and Charlie is not taking it very well. He's showing signs of depression and his mom contacted the breed rescue for help. Per our contract, she cannot place him herself, and wants us to find the perfect home for him. Charlie will stay with her until a match has been made. Poor mom cries every time we talk to her about it, but knows that she must be with her son AND do what's best for Charlie, too.

Charlie loves children. He is crate & leash trained. Charlie has accidents in the house, but we believe this has started because he has been left or boarded so often. He is not food aggressive. I was told that he was diagnosed with lux pat at 8 months, but did not need surgery. I have requested a current vet evaluation and will share the results as soon as I get them. I do not know if he may require surgery in the future. His mom has done a great job at keeping his weight down to protect his knees and health.

I have not met Charlie yet, but his mom sent me some photos. They're not the best shots, but you can tell he's a sweetie!
http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r135/bobnmict/1206charliefrog.jpg http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r135/bobnmict/1206charliebed.jpg http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r135/bobnmict/1206charliesit.jpg
If you think you're interested, contact me.

2nd December 2006, 05:19 AM
Feedback from Charlie's original foster mom:
With the exception of not being able to jump up, Charlie really does not have any other limitations. He can jump up on to a low couch but not something too high. He has no problem at all jumping down - even off the bed. He walks a little stiff legged in the hind quarters, but can run like the wind. No sign of pain at all... I don't have a definite time frame when this was diagnosed. He came into rescue at about 7 mt I had him for 4 weeks before placing him. I had his knees checked then by one of our vets. Her diagnose was he does have luxating patellas, no surgery needed at this time but may require surgery in the future. Nothing has really changed since then. He needs to go in for a heartworm check I will see what I can do about getting his knees checked again. As you know this is common in this breed. He could live a very normal life and never have any problems with his knees, And again, he could need surgery tomorrow. Who knows?! I will keep you informed.