View Full Version : Height and weight charts

2nd December 2006, 08:24 PM
Does anyone know if there are any height and weight charts available for cavies?

2nd December 2006, 09:16 PM
I've never heard of one for cavaliers. This is really so dependent on the build of the dog -- charts for breeds generally are really only the broadest possible guidelines. The breed standard in the UK is 12-18 lbs, and 13-18 lbs in the US/Canada. They should be about 12 inches at the shoulder. Most pet cavaliers I see are well over that in size -- more in the 20-25 lbs range and often larger. Show breeders will get consistent sizes within the breed standard. Most BYBs will not, and generally breed oversized dogs. Out of some 30+ dogs I've homed, maybe 3-4 were within breed standard. So the standard isn't very useful for most people trying to keep their dog in good weight and in my experience vets will say nothing about overweight dogs til they are REALLY overweight, so are poor advisers too.

The best rule of thumb is looking for a *distinct* waist when the cavalier is viewed from above. If you cannot see one, the dog is overweight.

This is the best description of feeling for ribs correctly, and also, pictures from above of actual cavaliers from good weight to overweight so you can see what a good waist should be.