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4th December 2006, 05:56 PM
Our three year old black & tan cavalier, Emmy, throws up white foamy stuff - and lots of it every time she gets excited, every time I come home, every time I play with her or bathe her!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow we will go for an $800 endoscopy. She has been on pregnazone!!!??? and antibiotics for weeks following an ultrasound which showed nothing ($600) and a complete body xray ($350) and several blood workups

She cannot play or take a walk or even wake up in the morning without throwing up which brings her to her knees. It is so sad to watch and the vets have absolutely no idea. She has no quality of life this way PLEASE HELP IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION AT ALL

Our five year old, Molly, has had none of these problems and the breeder has not been able to help either.

Thanks in advance for any insight


4th December 2006, 08:29 PM
Could it be excess acid in the stomach? Thats what Kayla has. My daughters Black and Tan. she doesnt throw up that much any more though. After being given acid medicine.
Good Luck!!!

4th December 2006, 09:19 PM
Have you gotten more than one opinion? Perhaps another vet has heard of this condition?

Good luck and I hope she feels better soon! :flwr:

4th December 2006, 09:37 PM
It does sound like excess acid - does she try to eat grass a lot too?

It might be worth giving her lots of small meals throughout the day so there is always food in her tummy.

Does she always seem hungry? Another possibility might be Cushings...

So sorry you've had to go through all this, really hope they can find the answer for you and poor Emmy.

4th December 2006, 10:19 PM
On Cushings, see:


Also see:


for typical causes of chronic vomiting. Has your vet tried dietary approaches? What are you feeding and how often? Really bad acid refluxcan cause vomiting and feeding in several small meals over the dy can help or treating with something like prilosec or tagamet. Vets use both for bad acid problems. If they haven't looked at acid , colitis, gastroenteritis as more obvious solutions I'd sure not want to spend $800 on a complex procedure. icon_nwunsure

Also note if she has Cushings and has been on prednisone this can worsen it, or if she has been on preds this can even bring on Cushings when the cause of vomiting is actually something else.