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Coco's mom
5th December 2006, 06:20 AM
So today I had to leave Coco at home alone for the first time. :yikes I have been dreading this moment, and putting it off for as long as I could. She ended up being home alone for about an hour. I was a nervous wreck (but didn't show that to Coco)!
I tried to do everything I could think of to prepare Coco (and myself!!) to be alone. She's been crate trained and is pretty good about it. I took her for a walk before leaving so that she may sleep while I was away. I left some safe toys in her pen. I gave her some treats and a stuffed kong before leaving, and I left the radio on. I also tried to disappear as quietly as possible.
When I returned, everything seemed ok and I didn't hear any crying/barking! :) She didn't have any accidents either. :) She was safe and happy.

I was actually looking into doggie day cares for Coco for these kinds of situations. She also needs to socialize more with puppies her size and age. Puppy kindergarten didn't help enough with socialization. I think day care and the free play at these places can help her. Does anyone have any experience with doggie daycares? I am looking into a couple in my area. h*lp

5th December 2006, 09:42 AM
I don't come with much experience but it sounds like you've done a great job and have a well adjusted dog! :D I don't know where you are but doggy daycare is a great idea if it isn't too pricey! The closest one to me is 1 hour away and .. priced for a king! :yikes

Good luck with that though and Coco sounds like an excellent dog! :flwr:

5th December 2006, 10:36 AM
I have used 3 different doggy day cares in the last 3 years and they were all wonderful. I would recommend that you try Coco for one day and see how it goes. If the day care is good, they will not mind you calling a few times during the day and checking up on how Coco is doing.

I take my puppy, Jolly, every day. He socializes with lots of different puppies, dogs and people and he gets to play his heart out. He really loves it and I know he is safe. A puppy can get into so much trouble when he is alone and I don't think he can be trusted yet to be home with the adult dogs. I am not sure how long I wll be doing this. Jolly will be 6 months old on the 15th.

Here is another thread on this website where we have discussed doggy day care: http://www.cavaliertalk.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=4362

5th December 2006, 12:49 PM
Doggy day care was the best idea anyone ever had. I used to leave Caden there before we got Jace, the ladies loved him. They'd keep him up front with them instead of in the back with other dogs. Then when Jace came along I would bring them both only about once a week just cause the ladies that ran the place loved to see them. They charged $10/day per dog. It wasn't so bad with one but adds up quickly with two.

My Wesley
5th December 2006, 01:47 PM
We actually left Wesley for an hour last night to go out to eat. He did amazing. Slept the whole time in his crate.

Cupcake Love
5th December 2006, 03:57 PM
I remember the first day I had to leave Cupcake home alone - I cried all the way to work and was a nervous wreck. I even called my husband and tried to convince him of the merits of me being an "at home doggy mom" with little success. :p Thankfully she seemed no worse for wear when I arrived home!

It does get easier with time though. I thought about doggy daycare, but I was unsuccessful finding anything in my area.

5th December 2006, 04:43 PM
It does get easier with time though. I thought about doggy daycare, but I was unsuccessful finding anything in my area. The daycare in Pensacola was affiliated with one of the bigger vets in town. Not the one I went to but a well known, reputable veterinarian. Have you tried asking some of the vets in your area? Or fellow dog lovers? Or people at a dog park? I got a lot of recommendations that way, and tried several out. I was pretty unhappy with the first two. They kept them locked up all day, no play time or anything. What’s the point of paying for that?? I could have left them at my house in a crate for free. But the last one had several hour long play times grouped by size and age.

6th December 2006, 04:39 PM
We have dog walkers come twice a day for our 4 month old Cav, Sofee Marie, both my husband and myself work fulltime. She is crated in-between walkings (4 hours each). Also, we take her to training class every other week, where they also have Doggie Day Care. We have left her once, but as she gets older will leave her more often. They also have a grooming business and the dogs all socialize as they are getting groomed in one big room, it is loads of fun. Some are crated for part of the day, depending upon their behavior, etc.
We also had her first grooming done this week - professional bath, paws trimmed, nails clipped, she looks great!
The doggie day care is pretty expensive where we are, $40 per day. But, I pay $24 per day for two walkings/play times that last 30 minutes each. The walkers will also take her for a full day of day care for $35, and we've done this once also. Sofee was great during all of these outings. It's the mommy that worries too much!!!

Gingers Mommy
6th December 2006, 05:09 PM
Coco's Mom-
I know how you feel! Only lately have I found myself noticing that im not counting the minutes that Ginger's been home alone. I guess at about 5 months I realized, when im not there- shes sleeping! I did have her crated till around 7 months, then put her in a pen.
She now goes to day care 2x a week and LOVES it. I found one place from which we took her to puppy kindergarten, never really loved it though because it was just a bunch of dogs in 1 room with 1 person standing in the middle. Found a new place which is SOOO cute, it really looks like a nursery! Only for dogs under 25lbs which is really great. There are about 5 other cavs there! They also have a webcam, which is amazing! I get to watch ginger ALL day. Instead of worrying about her I can just click and see her cute face!
Ifyou can find one in your area I think you'll be happy. Otherwise, a dog walker is the a great thing as well.

Coco's mom
6th December 2006, 05:25 PM
Thank you all for your replies! We actually have quite a few daycares in the city to choose from. It is helpful to hear your experiences with them. I'm glad that Jolly really does like going to daycare Charleen. The thought of Coco crying there makes me want to abandon the whole idea. I know the daycare wouldn't mind me calling to check on her, and I know that thay have a webcam broadcasting on the internet too.

I can imagine the workers at a daycare keeping any cavalier with them instead of with the other dogs. Cavs are just so cute. Sounds like you also had a good experience with daycare Danielle. It is expensive, but it's worth the peace of mind.
Oh, and Danielle, the daycare I've been looking into was recommended by my vet.

It is the mom that worries more! Momay, the daycare facility Sofee Marie goes to sounds pretty good. The one I'm looking into also has a training facility, doggie "spa", and they offer walks and free play times. I hope it works out as well as it did for her.

I remember the first day I had to leave Cupcake home alone - I cried all the way to work and was a nervous wreck
I waited until Coco was 5.5 months to leave her alone for an hour. I really thought I was the only one to get so emotional about it. I'm relieved to hear that it only gets easier.

Coco's mom
6th December 2006, 05:33 PM
That's wonderful that Ginger also enjoys daycare! And it's AMAZING that it's only for dogs under 25 pounds and that FIVE CAVS are in there! Most of the doggie daycares here have webcams too, which is great.
It's much nicer that she is playing and socializing instead of sleeping at home. It sounds wonderful! :flwr:
I definitely feel better about daycare. Thanks!!!

6th December 2006, 05:40 PM
I think doggie daycare is a wonderful thing !!! I wouldnt mind doing that sort of business myself !

6th December 2006, 05:48 PM
Glad everything is working out for you Aneesh.

Do you mind me asking which Vet you take Coco too, I am using a Vet in Hillsborough West of Georgetown. It is about an hour and 1/2 drive, just curious as I thought you had mentioned you lived in Etobicoke area.

I leave my boys home alone all the time when I have errands to run, but I crate them otherwise when I leave they would be scratching my new door. They are always fine, and happy as ever when I come home.

Let me know about the Vet.


6th December 2006, 05:53 PM
Jolly is adored not only by the day care workers, but the other dogs and their owners. Just this morning I dropped off Jolly and was walking back to my car. I passed a women who was bringing in her lab and she said that she knew I was Jolly's mom and that her dog Sara sniffs a hello to Jolly every morning as she passes him in his crate. Many owners now know Jolly. When the little dogs have quiet time, they are in crates near the front door, so everyone is asking what kind of dog that beautiful puppy is. He is a walking advertisement for cavaliers.

A funny story from yesterday: I went to pickup Jolly after work and the worker said that they had a new name for Jolly Jumper (his full name). She then bent over the counter to whisper his new name, Jolly Humper ! He will be 6 months old on Dec. 15th and just this week he started practicing on the female dogs. They say he is not aggressive and they are able to redirect him when he does it. He is already scheduled to get fixed next week Wednesday and it sounds like not a moment too soon.

6th December 2006, 08:06 PM
I have to say that the American's and Canadians are a true nation of dog lovers. The facilities available speak for themselves! There are very few options here in Ireland. Dog walking services are starting to catch on but I do not know of any day care centres. When we got Twinkle our main reasoning behind it was company for Daisy Boo while we were out. The first day I left Daisy Boo I was guiltridden and so worried I did nothing at work icon_whistling

Coco's mom
7th December 2006, 06:33 AM
Charleen, that is pretty funny, Jolly Humper.... :lol: He has built quite the reputation around there, hasn't he? Naughty boy... ;)

Joanna, it's funny that you say American and Canadians are nations of dog lovers because I've always thought that those in UK are the true dog lovers. It's not really something that can be measured anyway. Are dogs allowed more places than here? pubs, bars, restaurants, shops, malls? I've heard some members here mention that they've taken their dogs to work. I can't see that happening too often in U.S. unless you are self-employed. And I thought I read that someone took a dog to a pub. Maybe daycare isn't catching on yet if they haven't seen the market for it. In U.S./Canada we can't take dogs to work, stores, malls, bar/restaurants, so daycares exist. I'm just throwing out ideas- i have no idea though. Hope this makes sense.

HI Linda, your boys are lucky they have eachother to play with when you aren't around. I wish I could handle getting another cavalier.
How did the get together with Kosmo and Sara go? Coco is okay to get together for whenever you guys want to get them all together. She's all better.
I'll PM the vet details. :flwr:

7th December 2006, 01:52 PM
HI Linda, your boys are lucky they have eachother to play with when you aren't around. I wish I could handle getting another cavalier.
How did the get together with Kosmo and Sara go? Coco is okay to get together for whenever you guys want to get them all together. She's all better.
I'll PM the vet details

Hi Aneesh

Coco is a bit young for you to add another cavalier, it took me 2 years to do it. icon_whistling icon_whistling

The get to-gether with Kosmo and Sara was great, we took the boys to the park and let them off leash they had a great time. :dogwlk:

We will plan a get to-gether after the holidays Aneesh if that is okay, things are a bit hectic right now. :w**h**:
Have to try and pick a day that it isn't -30 Celsius so we can at least go to the park with them for a little bit. :xfngr:

Thanks about the Vet I am just curious and if I change I have to go to a Vet that I know for sure has other Cavaliers. My Vet has tons of them as a few breeders go to her. It is just such a drive, fine if it is only once a year. Plus one of the receptionists owns two cavaliers. :flwr:

Are you planning on getting Coco spayed. ????

8th December 2006, 10:11 AM
Am I glad my husband is selfemployed and i only work 3 days a week! I never wanted to work more because I allways had ad dog and did not want him to be alone so much (my husband used to work day and night allmost). But since a few years now my husband is selfemployed and ever since the day Spottie was with us my husband took him along...
The first day we had him i took him along to the office (my boss is a doglover too) and took his cratle with me as you can see on the picture. He was so small and my boss immediately loved him.
The second day i was at home and the third day Johan took him along in his van...
Offcourse he has nice company, Spottie just loves it! and when Johan is driving and Spottie is looking out of the window all drivers are charmed with him and johan says "sometimes I see somebody smiling at me and I wonder why and then I see Spottie is looking through the window and is charming everyone on the road"...
He is never alone except when we have a party to go to and then he is really great being home alone but this is seldom.