View Full Version : 6 year old gentle blenheim fellow

5th December 2006, 11:33 PM
Hammer is the dog that came into rescue recently and is now safe with Roscommon SPCA on behalf of Cavalier Rescue (aka me! :) ). He has a heart murmur and their vet is reluctant to neuter him at age 6 for this reason. I am going to get more info on the grade of the murmur as my vets, who have a purpose built, very modern surgery, would likely be comfortable doing a neuter if the grade is moderate.

However he may need a safe and loving home as an intact male. He has been an indoor, outdoor dog living with an elderly couple and four other cavaliers so he is used to behaving inside and having lots of dog company, though likely would need to be watched initially for any boy antics! The kennel owner tells me he is a very gentle, calm and shy dog and no problem at all.

He came originally from a bad situation before going to his last home. Due to illness, the couple needed to rehome this fellow to a good home (their son took him out of the bad situation) as there were too many dogs to manage.

I need a trustworthy home for this boy if he cannot be neutered.