View Full Version : Free Feeding Switch Over....Maxwells story

6th December 2006, 12:25 AM
Greetings All,
Maxwell was free fed from the time he was a puppy. We would measure the daily amount, and hes would graze during the day whenever he wanted. When we decided to add a second Cavalier to our home, we knew that free feeding maxwell wouldnt work any more as I wanted to make sure each Cav was getting what he needed and wanted to keep them seperate during meal time to avoid any food agression problems. Not to mention that Max Does have Lux Pat and he was carring a few extra pounds from all the treats and free feeding, and I wanted to make his legs as comfortable as possible.

I started the day the Puppy came home, Maxwell realised after the second day that if he didnt eat when offered his food he wasnt going to get it again untill the next meal time. I really havnt had any problems, and Max has done wonderfully since the change. Hes dropped a few pounds....has gained far more energy and he is now not expecting as many treats....We kinda over did the treat thing here and Im painfully aware how the "little extra snacks" that seemed so harmless could have really effected the progression of his Lux Pat.