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6th December 2006, 12:35 AM
After my post about puppies and dir and how it was treated - Max has dirrohea tonight - gone a couple of times in the house when he couldn't get out the door quick enough - also spots of blood in it ...thing is - I'm not there!! I'm at work until tomorrow morning and my 18 year old son, is looking after him. I'm a bit worried about him because i'm not there - he did seem a bit constipated yesterday - but he seemed in good form today and we had a walk and all before I came to work..My daughter called me earlier and said he was whining a bit - but I just hate not being there for him..I've made sure Jake knows to leave plenty of water for him but I'm wondering if he should give him something to settle his stomach- anyone any suggestions until I can assess the situation further...any advice most grateful - If he gets worse I'll leave work if I have to... :?

Claire L
6th December 2006, 12:55 AM
I'd just starve him to let his tummy settle and just make sure that he has lots of water. I always found with Rudee that if I starved her , her tummy would settle down and if it didn't improve then I'd call in the Vet.
Hope he's feeling better soon - I know how worrying it is when you can't be there with him :hug:


6th December 2006, 12:57 AM
Don't feed him at all for the next 12-24 hours then give small meals of boiled rice and some boiled chicken.

When was he last wormed? With a new dog coming in there's the possibility he brought in worms or that Max has just picked them up -- they can cause both diarrhea and some blood in stools. If the blood doesn;t disappear I'd get him to a vet. If you need to worm the two of them you can just go to the vet and get the tablets, generally you don;t need to bring the dogs in for an appointment. If Max hasn;t been wormed in the past three months then that is probably the first thing the vet will do.

6th December 2006, 01:46 AM
MAx was at the vet in September and had his shots and was wormed then - brandy was wormed two weeks ago and is due back to the vet this thurs for the second lot. I did notice Max was scooting yesterday and I did notice he was a little constipated - was trying and trying to go but i don't think he succeeded. I think it's because i'm not there that Im as concerned. He was incredibly lively today. I may take him down tomorrow to vets if it's not cleared up. Jake has told me that he seems fine and is sleeping now.
Having said all that - I spoke to jess a little while ago and he told me that he gave Max at least two of those dental rask things today so I think that hasn't helped. Why I don't know - I keep them for our older dog sal as she likes them and her breath is bad (she's 17) but I rarely give them to the other two. That may be the cause - hopefully nothing worse...

6th December 2006, 02:15 PM
Busta had a hard greenie thing that didn't break up probably and was constipated (vets were called and had a run down of what was eaten and what poo was like and see it should pass). I would definately keep an eye on it, if it is causing a blockage may lead to other complications.

6th December 2006, 06:29 PM
Vets are great! :rah: - I rang this afternoon to see if they could fit me into their evening session and when I told him what was wrong with Max he told me to come down right away even though I knew it was close to the closing of their afternoon clinic. Max didn't look too well today - his eyes seemed abnormally bright and though the blood wasn't evident in his poo - he still had the runs - anyway the upshot of it all is - the vet definitely thinks it was the rawhide that has upset him - he gave him some shots and buscupan injection and some stuff for me to give him tomorrow. Max is showing signs of life and while not back to himself and probably won't be for a day or so - Im happy to be here with him...

Dogs! - worse than kids for making you worry :sl*p: