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Cathy T
6th December 2006, 02:42 AM
I was running errands this afternoon and saw a beagle running right up the middle of a super busy street (Balboa Ave), cars were swerving to avoid hitting this poor little thing and he was just in a panic running up the middle of the street. I got to the top, swung a totally illegal uturn (but safely) and was intending to try to herd him off the main street. As I finished my turn I saw, in silhouette, that he had gotten underneath a car, scrambled out and made a mad dash down a residential street (thankfully little traffic and he ran on the sidewalk). This dog was flying!!!! He ran over a 1/2 mile at top speed. I tried to pull over a couple of times to see if I could stop him...nothing doing....he was hauling ass!!! Finally saw him dash into a front yard and dash into the bushes. I ran over to see how he was. He was cowering under the bushes and panting like crazy. I got a bowl and some water out of the car and set it down, then backed away and sat on the driveway, talking gently to him. He was not coming out. No one home, no neighbors around. I thought I had spotted a collar on him. Called animal control and they said they would send an officer but couldn't tell me how long it would be (puppies were at the groomer and were now over an hour past pick up time, thank God my groomer is such a wonderful gal and told me not to hurry). Young fella pulled up, turned out he was an exchange student living in the house (limited english). In mixed signals and words I explained what had happened. Had already written a note explaining situation and wrapped my business card up in it. Homeowner called this evening to tell me animal control had picked him up. Called animal control this evening. He is being treated for injuries to his back legs and was microchipped. They will contact owners.

Jake has been driving me nuts the last couple of days demanding my attention. When I got to the groomer's I broke down in sobs. Sat on the floor and got major puppy kisses from dogs and hugs from groomer.

I've heard so many sad stories the last few weeks and this afternoon's events just made me appreciate my babies even more. Jakey buddy, you can bug the holy heck out of me...I don't care...just don't ever leave me.

6th December 2006, 02:45 AM
Oh Cathy I feel for that lil guy He must have been scared out of his mind Do you know how he got loose? Was anyone looking for him? Im so worried when I read animal control got him as I was scared something bad was going to happen to him but Im glad he is microchipped so hopefully he will be home soon and his owners can love him again

6th December 2006, 02:50 AM
Oh Cathy, How frightening. So did you actually manage to catch the dog or did the dog stay in the garden till Animal Control turned up? You did good :D

6th December 2006, 05:01 AM
Oh my goodness, I live near Balboa Avenue. It is so incredibly busy! That poor puppy is so very lucky to have not been killed. That was so wonderful of you to help out. I hope they are able to find the pup's owner.

6th December 2006, 07:21 AM
{{{{{{{{Cathy}}}}}}}} poor pup and poor you :( Well done for helping this little guy to get home though :hug:

Jakey, go plague your Mamma - she adores you really :lol:

As I type this, Maxx is sat as close to my legs as he can get, giving me the sad big eyed look because he wants to share my breakfast. He keeps going from side to side, trying to see what's in the bowl :lol:

As soon as I finish he will leg it pretty quickly out of the room. The reason? I have been working a few full days over the last two weeks and I'm grabbing as many hugs as I can off the pair of them - doesn't matter that they have rarely been alone - I miss them :? :lol: :lol: :lol:

6th December 2006, 02:00 PM
Oh Cathy! :flwr: Thank you for being so wonderful to animals. Everyone needs to be like you. :hug:

6th December 2006, 02:25 PM
What a wonderful job you did in following him and making sure everything was set up for him to be collected into safety.

Beagles can run and run; sounds like he was very confused and scared and a long way from home. I hope his family were looking for him and will be relieved to have him back after all of that. They are very lucky you took such care with him.

I know how you feel though, sometimes when mine are really driving me crazy (Lily peed on the carpet last night for example) all it takes is thinking what it would be like to not have them around, or have them running loose in this way... :( . Or I think of a dog like Brandy, spending year after year ignored in a dog run in all weathers until after a long long time, finally taken in, cleaned and cared for. :flwr: And the puppy farm cavaliers in cages, the cavaliers left out in the garden all day, the ones in pounds... :|

Cathy T
6th December 2006, 03:14 PM
J - I figured you'd know exactly where I was talking about...such a busy fast moving street. It's really a miracle no one hit him head on. I think his one saving grace is that he was fairly small and was able to get out of from underneath the car.

My intention was to get him into my car and take him to the humane society if he didn't have id on his tag. No such luck. There was no way this poor thing was going to come near me. And then I was concerned about backing him into a corner and threatening him. And concerned about him biting if he were injured.

I would have stayed til animal control came but I was already an hour late for picking up the pups (I spent over an hour chasing him and then sitting in front of him) and animal control probably wouldn't be by for another hour at least. I am so glad the homeowner called to let me know ac had picked him up.

Karlin - that was what I was feeling! I've been so irritated with Jake lately but this whole incident put everything right back into perspective. Given the choice....bug the holy heck out of me Jake...I don't care!!!

There have been so many stories lately about dogs getting loose and I would want someone to care for mine and protect them if something like this ever happened to them. I just couldn't drive away and leave that poor guy. If he went into the bushes to die there was no way he was going to die in there alone!!!! I'm going to assume that since he was being treated by a vet for back leg injuries they probably weren't too severe and were treatable otherwise he would have been pts. I plan to call later today to see how he's doing. He was just such a doll with those big old scared eyes.

6th December 2006, 03:51 PM
Oh Cathy I know exactly how you feel, I was out walking Cailum there a few weeks ago when this little thing came upon us, at first to be honest I thought it was a rat but it was the tiniest Yorkshire Terrier I has ever seen. I tried to catch hold of it but it darted off down the street. I continued to go after it when he made a dart to across the road, and yes it happened…. He got a belt of the car and then went under it, and came out the back end. I immediately ran onto the road to stop the next car going over him. The poor little guy was yelping, I then tried to pick him up but he was snapping at me. At this stage all traffic was held up the driver who hit him had stopped and come down to us she was so upset, but it wasn’t her fault, it was so dark and he was so small she had no chance of seeing him. She then got a fleece out of her car and I picked him up, oh he was hollering. As it turned out, we were literally out side the vets, so we brought him in. The vet said to call back the following day to see how he was doing. When I rang then on the Friday the vet said he was doing well but he had not located an owner as yet to call back on the Monday. As it happened I didn’t get to make that second call but I was out walking on the Tuesday night with my husband when we saw a a LOST poster, posted on a shop front of the most adorable little thing ever. I was so excited I called the number there and then in the shop. An old man answered and I said I’m calling about the lost Yorkie, did you find him, and he was like well yes and no SHE died!. I was like no, how, as it turned out there were more serious injuries, she had ruptured her liver and died on the Saturday morning. I explained who I was & said I was so sorry I had no idea, he hung up and a short time later the mans wife called me back to ask exactly what had happened, she was so upset and so thankful to me for picking her baby up, as it turned out the dogs name was Poochee and she was only 11 months old. We spoke for ages on the phone and we were both crying by the time we hung up. She said she had let both her dogs out for the toilet and someone must have opened the gate as there was no way she could have gotten out otherwise. Like you it made me appreciate my fella so much more.

Cathy T
7th December 2006, 02:58 AM
Oh Deborah...that just breaks my heart. I just think it's so much better if someone knows what happened. That was my thought on Beagle Boy...if he wasn't going to make it I wanted him not to be alone. How sad that little one didn't make it. How sweet that you were able to tell the owners about him though and give them some closure.

Coco's mom
7th December 2006, 05:48 AM
These sad stories are getting to me too. After reading yours earlier today, I couldn't get myself to reply yet. I just put down my laptop and went towards Coco for a snuggle. Coco of course is in this new phase that she loves to be chased. She just runs away from us all the time. :roll: So, instead, I went on the floor and she attacked me with kisses! :hug:

The beagle must have been so frightened. Poor puppy. That's amazing that you were able to stop everything and save him. You are a hero. He was so lucky to find you in that area. I hope his family is able to find him now since he is microchipped. Let us know how he does. You did a great job. :thmbsup:

7th December 2006, 06:12 AM
Cathy, You are such an inspiration! Beagle Boy was so fortunate that you were in the neighborhood when he decided to venture out for a little exploring on his own. I also live near Balbao Ave. and know what a busy street that is. Mr. Quincy can also be so demanding, and I have promised myself that I will also be a little more patient. I bought the funniest little Xmas. toy at Pet People today. It "barks" a Xmas song, and Q. went crazy. He shakes the "you know what" out of it while it is playing, and then drops it at our feet to be turned on again. Too cute! The calendar just arrived--many, many thanks!!!!!!!!!! Your babies are adorable, as well as all of the others. I must have looked at each page a dozen times!