View Full Version : where to go from here - potty training

6th December 2006, 09:59 AM
Scampi is 13 weeks and doing very well. She is in crate and expen and I take her out on a lead to go to the loo which is working really well. I want to try and teach her to let me know when she needs to go and don't know how to, or whether she is still too young. Some people have mentioned hanging a bell at the door. How does one make this work and at what age?

6th December 2006, 12:56 PM
My lot go straight to the back door now, it sort of just happened, we have a "Do you wanna go to wee wee" and a mad rush for the door is made, Busta will scratch the door and Woody will come and get me, Ozzy will just sit there, he is normally with us so if he is missing he is there.

6th December 2006, 02:27 PM
We started with the bell almost as soon as we got Willow home - at about 9 weeks. Within a day or two, she had it figured out! (not that we didn't sitll have accidents, but she did ring the bell most of the time). We just hung the bell by the door, and then every time we took her out, either used her paw or her nose to ring the bell before opening the door. Worked like a charm!

Now we just have to listen to her ring the bell like crazy all the time when it's nice out - she doesn't need to go out, but she wants to be outside! You'd swear we own an outdoors dog, not a lap dog!