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7th December 2006, 12:35 AM
Hi All

I was wondering if any of you guys can help us.

Our 15 week old Cav pup Rio finally got his LARGE crate delivered today along with the rest of his Christmas present toys. ;)

However because we haven't had the time to go to Pets @ Home yet for a cushion for the bottom of the crate, my Mum had an old duvet and cover set for it and doubled it over and he loves it along with his bed and toys.

It was very funny he stepped inside it after it was built and just looked at us as if to say "what the heck is this thing?" as soon as the duvet and his blankets were set down he snuggled in and took to it immediately. We think it reminds him of when he sleeps in my parents bed after his early morning walkies. Could this be because he was born in one ? and spent most of his time in a crate like this? As my Dad seen a crate jus like it at the breeders or because he spent the first few weeks sleeping in his carrier which he did.

We are looking for some useful advice or postings from recent crate training on how and when to actually use it and should we close the door at night as he is still using one puppy mat at the front door if he gets caught short.

This year we are hosting Christmas with at least 17 people in our family coming and more as the day goes on. My younger cousins of 5 and 9 will be there and they love playing with him, however he does get tired of being around them after a while, and we dont want them hovering too near his crate bothering him to come back out when he's tired. We want this to be HIS personal space, his den, his cave, his little home, we placed his towel over the top, draping it over so it has become his cave LOL. Can we actually close it over to give him peace and quiet from the toerags ! :roll:

Oh and other good news he also did his business outside for the 1st time yesterday morning my younger sister almost ran home with joy yesterday ! Then he peed last night when I took him out after work. Once he has been in his crate for a while should we stop all water drinking after 6pm? until the next morning?

He went and did his business again and peed this morning with my Mum, she was so emotional haha !!

If any of you guys can give advice on crates and water-drinking that would be most helpful :D

Thank You

Melissa :flwr:

P.S. Here are some photos of him in his crate.




8th December 2006, 12:24 PM
Shirlee Kalstone's Housetraining a Dog in Seven Days is a good book to order -- explains all sorts of approaches to crate training. 6 might be kind of early to cut off access to water. I'd say more like 9pm.