View Full Version : urgent hospice foster/adopter needed if possible

7th December 2006, 12:04 PM
I received a sad call this morning from the very kind people at the Roscommon SPCA who have worked with me to home a couple of cavaliers. The gentle and shy blenheim 6 year old who came into rescue (the one listed in online small ads) has a grade 5 heart murmur. This means I cannot home him to the home that had been intended.

Though his murmur is at this high stage, I don't believe he is yet coughing. His heart is enlarged however. With a mix of inexpensive heart drugs, he could live for months or years. Or he may have just a few weeks.

His situation places me in a difficult position of trying to make the best decision for this sweet cavalier who has not had the best life initially though as the vet and SPCA people note, was very well cared for more recently. They say he is a really lovely dog but are concerned about having him in kennels with damp outdoor runs at this time of year, given his condition.

They and I are hoping someone may wish to give this fellow a retirement home until his time comes.

The other choice is to let him go.

The vet guesses he probably has a short time and it would be ideal to give him a warm and caring home for that short while. Cavalier Rescue will cover his medications and vet costs.

So this is a very special urgent appeal for this fellow. :flwr: I will need to make a final decision by next week. :(

7th December 2006, 02:04 PM
Best of luck making a decision about this little fellow. It is a very difficult situation and there are no right or wrong answers. When my professional life slows down, and I have more time to be at home, I would love to take on an occassional case like this. Not sure emotionally I could do it all the time. Bless you, Karlin, for the work you do.

7th December 2006, 03:43 PM

Could you get him to me? I finish work tomorrow until the 10th of January and then it will only be occasional hours - 99% of the time there is someone home with the boys.

If you can get him here then I will have him and give him as much love and attention as he needs & that I can give with 3 dogs and 2 hands (it's OK Maxx is used to me using my foot to rub his belly hahahaha.

Just let me know - I will PM you my phone number if you can send him here.... :flwr:

7th December 2006, 11:37 PM
Donna, you're wonderful. :hug: :hug: :hug:

:xfngr: for you! :flwr: