View Full Version : EMMY HAS NOTHING WRONG WITH HER!!!!!??????

11th December 2006, 07:22 PM
O.K. Guys

$$$$$$$$$ later and medication and testing and nothing. No fungal infection, no bacterial infection, no cancer, no no no nothing except
"increased goblet cells in her lungs" and a "slight" thickening of her airways.

They now want to do perhaps a series of allergy tests. $$$$$$$
and put her on a stronger dose of pregnazone :sl*p:

The vet says she needs an expectorant to get the stuff out of her lungs.
So if I can give her "people" medicine can I not give her something less harmful than the pregnazone? Is there not something herbal or just like "musinex". The vet is insistent that the stronger medication MIGHT get to the problem faster. Not sure I have much faith in this after all she has been thru

She only goes into her own back yard completely walled in and gated at the driveway. She lives in a pristene clean house (not because I am a clean freak but because our home has been for sale for the last six months) Her bed is washed every other day because she keeps throwing up on it.

I feel like a nut case right now :yikes if anyone has any suggestions knowing all the vet knows now please help.....I am also going to email her breeder to see if she could possibly have a sollution. However, KY is truely bad for allergies - hope I have not brought her to a location she cannot tolerate

Thanks in advance

11th December 2006, 10:22 PM
Do you mean prednisone? If the vet prescribed this then I would either follow that advice or get a second opinion. Plese never consider medicating a dog yourself as some human medications will kill a dog even in tiny amounts. That includes herbal remedies that can also have interactions with prescriptions drugs, fatally. Any treatment approach always needs informed, veterinary advice.

If the vet is advising steroids he likely thinks there is some serious inflammation that needs to be settled in order to clear her lungs. This doesn;t mean there is nothing wrong with her but that she is having some sort of quite debilitating response to some condition that the vets cannot source. It may be allergies. If she has had to have the range of tests you describe I would not consider this to be a dismissive approach over nothing by the vet but an attempt to at least deal with thr symptoms even though they cannot find a cause. Unfortunately health issues are soemtimes like that, even with very severe conditions -- the cause cannot always be found or understood. Allergies incidentally don;t have anything to do with the cleanliness of a house -- even a very clean house for example will still have a certain level of dust mite infestation and even running air purifiers etc cannot completely get rid of them (I speak as one with dust mite allergy!).

If you are not comfortable with his approach it might be good to go for a second opinion for your peace of mind, to a completely different vet. Perhaps a friend with a dog could recommend someone?

In your place I would be taking her to a vet school and a specialist there, as it sunds like she may have a problem a specialist would be more equipped to identify.

12th December 2006, 07:53 AM
Karlin's right & has given you some pretty good advice there. If you are worried then just take her to see a specialist.

One thing though is that sometimes with anything lung/chest related, even the strongest medication and consultants appointments won't make it go away any quicker as the phlegm has a horrible habit of lingering :S It can also appear and sound worse than it actually is ...

12th December 2006, 05:46 PM

As I have been posting since last week, I ended up taking one of my cavs who has been declining to K-State Vet Hospital last week for a workup. She had been to two different vet clinics here - lots of $$$$ and no answers. She stayed for 3 days and they did a throat scope, and had a stomach scope scheduled, but her throat was too infected, so they didn't do the endoscopy at that time.

I had to drive 3 hrs. one way to take her - so it was a 6 hr. drive twice last week, but well worth it. Any teaching hospitals close to you??

Lincoln, Nebraska

12th December 2006, 09:54 PM
I really feel for you as this would be very frustrating and a concern that you can not fix your baby NOW !

I also understand that you may have already gone way over your budget with the tests already carried out and may be struggling to finance anymore ? All I can say to attempt to provide a little positive energy to the topic is.......... Keep trying, persistence pays off, ask thousands of questions everywhere you go, prompt the vets for answers pointing out your limited budget (?? U could be loaded for all I know :D ) tell them at the find of nothing its not good enough, make them work and research.
I would agree with the others in finding a vet school and specialist but I guess it is hard to find a specialist when you are not sure what is causing the problem.
As your baby is young this is an investment in her life (which i'm sure your aware of to have done so much) beg, steal and borrow to try and fund the next test or project and try not to give up. ( Who needs to eat ? right ?)

With regards to the allergy testing, what symptoms could be related to an allergy ??? From memory this is the little girl that keeps throwing up foamy vomit am I correct ?
To me it would seem more food allergy related wouldn't it ? and I don't think they can test for this other than use a long long elimination diet ?

Keep a diary on everything this often can make things easier when diagnosing as they may be a pattern to something you may have otherwise missed.

But good luck, good luck, good luck. keep your chin up and keep up the search for a cause. :hug: