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13th December 2006, 07:51 AM
Arrgh! We had this whole barking think under control for ages now but just recently Monty started up again! he just barks uncontrollably in the night times...before whenever he would do it i would come into the room and say NO BARKING and he'd stop...but after a while he'd start up again..and then id come tell him 2 stop ..he would...then start up again! get the cycle?
anyway he was an absolute gem with the no barking for ages now but it started again! i decided that i was going the wrong way about it and decided to try the 'ignoring technique'...did not work! he will only stop after like 2 hours or something! i can live with it...its really not that big a problem 2 me but i was always worried about the neighbours..and yesterday i got a letter from the saying something along the lines of "your dogs are barking consistently for hours in the night..its irritating so please get them to stop or get the vet involved"...
so now i have a dilemna..i cant ignore him or he'll keep going..i cant punish him...what do i do??????? please! i need help.

what did they mean 'get the vet involved' anyway? as in do some operation so they cant bark or something? or what?

monty NEVer used to bark...it only started a couple of months ago..then i got it under control and now its back again... :sl*p: :sl*p:

please any advice would help... h*lp


13th December 2006, 08:16 AM
Sorry Nisha I can not offer much help but would suggest you go to your neighbours if you feel safe to do so and explain that you are on to it, you can not fix the problem quickly in the short term but are looking for solutions and do not intend to let it go on forever. This may buy you some time and patience from them while you figure out a solution. :xfngr: ( however if you do this you must then fix the problem eventually) Maybe you also need to be prepared for a response that is not nice incase they are not doggy people and not very understanding. In this instance I would stay polite knowing you are doing your best and speak to your local shire or who ever it is people complain to over dogs barking and find out what action someone has to take to make a complaint and have it taken further, this will let you know how long you have to fix the problem, and the shire's process.

I hope that makes sense. Maybe with regards to the vet thing they mean ???? Sometimes dogs bark constantly if they have a health problems ? Who knows

Now hopefully someone with more knowledge can give you some solutions on fixing the problem.
Have you tried leaving a radio on on a talk station for him/them sometimes this works or those dap diffuser things that calm dogs ??
Does he set your other boy off ? Are they doing the never ending relay together ?
Could there be trees moving outside or something scaring him ?
Are there toys in their room they could be playing with ? is it excitement ?
Just some thoughts. Good luck with it.

13th December 2006, 11:55 AM
Are the dogs outside? If so, they need to be kept indoors for a starter and this alone could be a reason for the barking as cavaliers often go crazy left alone, without people, outside..

If indoors, then you need to work to figure out what is setting him off. If it is because he wants to have you in the same room, then maybe you are going to need to crate him at night in your room or allow the dogs to sleep in your room. You can also try crating in another room with closed doors, leave a radio playing music softly, cover the cage with a dark sheet, hang a frozen kong from the bars so he has something to do...

Neighbours complaining about barking dogs can in most places push forward legally to successfully have them confiscated as a noise nuisance so you really need to find a solution. Debarking is NOT a solution -- the dogs still bark only with an awful hoarse sound which many find even more annoying. That is probably what your neighbour is referring to. Many vets will not perform this operation.

Also see: http://www.siriuspup.com/pdfs/06Barking.pdf

Tara has suggested that you can also keep changing the pads inside a crate and rotating the location of a crate for a dog that barks in the crate -- by changing the environment it doesn't settle into a habit of barking.

Most dogs bark because they are bored and want a response or bark in response to a particular stimilus so those are the two possible causes you need to eliminate. :thmbsup:

13th December 2006, 02:20 PM
You could also try DAP which plugs into a wall socket and releases a hormone into the air which is the same hormone a mother releases when she has a litter. It is said to calm dogs down.

Honey started barking during the night and when we left the house after her mother died during the summer. We figured it was separation anxiety. We tried the DAP initially and the barking did seem to get a bit better. We have since got 2 new dogs and the barking has stopped completely.

Ignoring Honey was not the answer as similar to your dog she could keep up the barking for hours. What I did was come into the room to reassure her but not make a big deal, then stand outside for a few minutes and if she started go in again. Usually after 2 or 3 times of doing this she settled down.

Dogs can also bark at what seems nothing to us but could just be a leaf falling from a tree outside that caught their eye etc. I make sure the blind/curtain is drawn when I put the dogs to bed so there is nothing outside that can distract them and start them off barking.

Good luck and I hope the night time barking stops!

13th December 2006, 05:53 PM
i have a similar thing--zack has taken to barking for a few months, mostly when he's in the backyard, apparently in reaction to hearing squirrels or other animals. It's very quiet back there, no people making noise, just some wild animals. He isn't kept in the backyard, but the door between the living room and the backyard is usually open and he goes in and out at will. Most of the time he's quiet, sniffing around and stuff. But when he starts barking, i have to bring him in right away and close the door because i have to have zero tolerance for barking.

Not only do i not like the sound. I also don't want to inflict it on my neighbors, they have a right to peace and quiet in their homes imo. the sound of a barking dog is grating on the nerves. It's noise pollution. I have to stop it, i can't let it go on. It's frustrating sometimes, i would like to just be able to say "quiet" and have him stop. He does often stop when i do that, but then, as with Milo, he starts again after a bit. So i bring him in inside where he will also sometimes bark but i am right there with him and can get him to stop, but inside, he doesn't bark as much, just once in a while, and he is able to be redirected so that he doesn't keep it up. It's not really an issue inside. He will bark briefly at things on TV, like i had The Wizard of Oz on with the sound muted, but he still barked at ToTo. But just for a few moments.

Inside, in my downstairs part where the living room is, the barking is not so much of a problem for neighbors because of how my apartment is on a corner in the back and has an upstairs above and a kitchen and bathroom on one side, and the neighbor's kitchen. The one neighbor with an adjacent wall to my living room has given me reports on Zack since i got him, and has always said she can barely hear him when he used to cry for a few minutes when i would leave :( , she said it was very faint and didn't bother her a bit except she was sad that he was sad. I gave her my cell and my work number and asked her to call if he was ever making annoying sounds, but she never has. And my other neighbor has said there's no problem, he has my numbers too.

But in the backyard, the sound carries and echoes, and he just does it more, he could go on a long time if i would let him, i try to distract him by inviting him to fetch, but it doesn't work consistently enough. Life was a little easier before he learned how to bark.

In my upstairs bedroom, there is more of an indoor problem because my neighbor's bedroom is right over mine, and the sound carries through. I would love to have Zack sleep with me at this point, but because of the possibility of barking i can't. To me, it's not acceptable to disturb my neighbor at all. I would expect the same from my neighbors. I don't want loud voices or music at night when i believe i should have the ability to sleep in my own home. And my neighbors have mostly been good over the years, very rare that there is anything but peace and quiet.

One other thing i've done that works when Zack is barking outside is to have him on a 30 foot training leash and just pull him in when he barks. But while that totally worked, it's just too much hassle to put it on him every time he goes out. When i call him to come inside when he starts barking, i give him treats, so he is responsive about coming inside at those times, it will stop the barking, but i have to get up and close the door, otherwise, he'll often go right back out and do it again.

There have been a couple of days during the 13 years i've lived here that a neighbor in the building next door had a barking dog in their apartment. It happened years apart and was different neighbors, not the same people. The people weren't home and left their dog, and rather than settle down, the dog just kept on barking incessantly, and it was a very loud harsh distraught bark, the dog was quite upset, and it went on for hours. I remember it as among some of the more unhappy days i've known, it grated on my nerves and my stomach got tight, and it was a sunday, and i needed peace and quiet, my job is so stressful all week. Other neighbors were complaining. i went and looked in the window and could see the dog, a large puppy, about 3 or 4 months maybe. After many hours, i called the animal control and they came out and the noise stopped. I don't know how it stopped, i don't know what they did. Maybe the people came home. I talked to the owner later and they were apologetic and said they didn't know the dog was barking. It didn't happen again and i had the impression they either moved or did not keep the dog.

In the course of my lifetime, it has been very rare, i can count it on the fingers of one hand, that there's been a dog barking problem where i've lived, in various places over the years. With all the dogs there are out there, that's a good record. Apparently people are on top of it because it doesn't happen a lot. but when it does, it's a serious nuisance.

16th December 2006, 12:04 PM
Sorry guys that i havent answered back..but i have been totally not able 2 get on in the last few days..
anyway 2 clarify a few things...no the dogs arent kept outside...and Judy i agree the neighbours have a right 2 peace and all (btw its actually Monty im talking about)...i think it is all in the backyard...like theres this guy on this motorbike that comes every single day about 4 times near my place and rides straight past....Monty goes ballistic whenever he hears it and barks his head off!
the thing is im not always at home to stop him from barking...like if i was at home i would definitely make him stop - but then i tried the ignoring thing...BIG mistake.

oh and if 'gettin the vet invloved' means debarking like Karlin said i would NEVER agree 2 that! i would feel so bad if i made Monty go through that!.

well im actually not allowing both of them in the room next 2 where the neighbours house is...and they dont really bark that much anymore when im at homw other than when they are playing or anything..but i still have 2 go out and say "NO BARKING" wen it does start...i just hope they arent doin it when i go out :(.....ggrrh i have 2 get on top of this problem!

16th December 2006, 12:32 PM
Perhaps what your neighbour meant was to get an animal behaviourist involved if you're having trouble identifying/controlling the problem?

Good luck . . I know it's not an easy problem to deal with, especially with the pressure of knowing your neighbours are aware of it and that it's anoying them.

17th December 2006, 01:14 AM
i find it fascinating the way one dog will bark and the other will not. It's not like they will necessarily mimic each other. Or one will be the one who starts it, while if on their own the other would not do it. When Zack and Belle were gated in the kitchen at Lisa's place, Zack was arfing a lot, while Belle just scratched with her toenails on the gate. They both wanted out but only Zack was vocalizing. Belle has never done it, when she has been in her crate and wanted out, she never even whimpered, she just clawed with her toenails. They are unique indviduals and personality types.

18th December 2006, 12:41 AM
yea thats the same with my 2 Judy....Monty will bark bark bark...and Milo just scratches at the gate...

18th December 2006, 09:37 PM
how many times did you try to ignore him? This mostly takes some time to learn that they won't gat anything out of that. If you allways go to see him when he barks he has learned to do so if he wants you near. For a dog this is a game of perseverence. If he barks long enough, you'll come. Don't give in to that! But if it's really a matter of anxiety caused by the motorbike you can try to play a tape with the sound of it to habituate him to it, so he learns there is no problem. you play it when you're home and don't pay attention to it. at first you play it quite silently and over time you play it louder and louder, step by step. This usually works well for dog who don't like sounds like thunder or any other weird or loud noises. You can also aks an instructor in dog training school, they mostly have good advise.
Hope this helps you a little! Good luck! :xfngr:

19th December 2006, 02:54 AM
yea thanks for that...i think it is the motorbike mainly too...because the guy comes around about 3 - 4 times from about 5:30 to 10pm...monty is actully behaving very well now...i did actually talk 2 a dog instructor and they said the whole "spraying water" works well..so ive been doing that (but only with this waterbottle thing that sends out a really fine mist)...also while im doing it i still say "No Barking!" and i think he's gotten the msg now that i dont like it...he hasnt barked one 2day or yesterday...as long as he's not doing it when im not home its all good..i think ill have 2 put on a tape recorder when i go out just 2 see if he barks...