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15th December 2006, 11:18 AM
I think I mentioned this in another topic, however I was wondering about the popularity of Cavaliers as a breed in different parts of the world?

In australia, they are amongst the top ten most populare breeds of pedigree dogs. Generally speaking, a papered 'no breeding nor showing' cavalier will range in price from $650 to $850 australian.

A cavalier on 'main papers' as in CAN be bred from and shown can cost anywhere between $1000 and $3000 for bubs from imported stock (Sweedish stock pups go for the most, but there are very few of them).

Im interested in knowing how much cavaliers are worth around the world, how populare they are, do people have favourite colours etc etc???

Overe here, blenheims are by far the populare colour, and very very few people know that BT's and Rubies are infact cavaliers even!!!

While I lived in the UK I met the odd cavalier, but nowhere near the amount over here.

I was also interested to hear my mum say (Lives in Dallas) that is the 5 years she has lived in the states, not only has she never SEEN a cavalier before, but she has never even met ANYONE who has ever even HEARD of them!!!! I couldnt believe it!!!!! She did say that sausage dogs seem to be populare though.

Anyway very interested in hearing what people have to say about where they live.

Cheers all


15th December 2006, 11:54 AM
The Blenheims I would say are the most popular around our area, then Tris and then the Rubies and Black and Tans are rarer. Costs beginning of this year were normally boys GBP 500.00 and girls GBP 550.00

15th December 2006, 12:59 PM
I dont think I can speak for the entire US as I think it does vary from where you are but where I live in NJ (the northeast) most doggies I know of go from $2000 and up. Before getting really into the breed I rarely saw Cavaliers in real life. A few times in the city and thats it. Cavys are no where near the top 10 I think in popularity in the US. I agree with the last poster in that I think Blens are the most popular world wide. My only thought on that is Blen is a recessive gene and thus if you breed a Blen to a Blen youll only get Blens therefore its the easiest to predict when choosing what color you want. I dont know if thats because more people see Blens around and thus when buying a Cavy want a Blen or the fact that breeders like the predictability and thus breed more of those.

15th December 2006, 01:12 PM
Cavaliers must be rare here, because everyone who sees Lucky rushes up to him and says "OMG!!! That is the cutest puppy I've ever seen!".

If they'd seen another Cavalier, I think they'd be saying "OMG!! There's another of those cute doggies!"

Seriously, I've seen a few in the city (NYC) - during a huge event in Central Park (geared around dogs) I think we saw four other cavy's and we all gravitated toward each other.

And in the pet stores in NJ, I've run into two Cavy's. I also met two dogs at the doggie day care, so they are definitely gaining in popularity, but they are certainly not common, and Ruby's are much much less common. I've only met one "ruby" in person - by far the most have been Blens.

15th December 2006, 01:24 PM
I know of a little ruby cavalier also from New Jersey, she belongs to Betty from another list and is a doll! she has a beautiful name as well "Lexi"

I think Blenheims are the nicest, I just adore them! saying that though the Tri's are winning me over slowly as well. :lol: :lol: :lol: especially since her ladyship came to us!

Alison, Wilts, U.k.

15th December 2006, 02:07 PM
I have never seen another Cav where I live, in the South, USA. The only Cav I had ever seen was on a TV show (Sex and the City). which is what made me want one, I thought it was the cutest dog I have ever seen. The way she would cut those big eyes, and seemed so sweet. I was partial to fuzzy, puppy faced dogs all my life, having an Old English, and a Lhasa. But when I saw that little dog on TV (Elizabeth Taylor) I just fell in love with her. That was 4 years ago, and I have wanted one ever since. Most people do not even know what Lily is, excpet for the occasional trainer at the pet store or at the Vets. When people see her they think she is the cutest puppy they have ever seen, then ask what is she, a Cocker? When I tell them, they have never heard of a Cav.

Cathy T
15th December 2006, 03:44 PM
When I decided on the breed I had only met about 3 of them in person. The first one I met was so wonderful...I was sold on the breed. In the past 4 years they have become increasingly more popular here in So California. When I first got Jake and someone mentioned they knew someone who had a Cavalier inevitably it was someone I knew. Now...not so. There are lots of them here...lots of back yard breeding going on. I try to educate but feel like I'm fighting a losing battle.

A friend had theirs at the mall in the stroller. Someone started talking to them and said they knew someone with two Cavaliers....in fact, this person also had a stroller for their two...it was me!! It's still a fairly small Cavalier world but getting bigger all the time.

15th December 2006, 04:28 PM
Well there are my two and 5 more that I know of just within yards of my house. There are also another six that I have seen out walking right near to my house too - so I guess we must live in Cavalier heaven :lol: :lol: :lol:

15th December 2006, 05:01 PM
I have seen two others here in Destin and my sister's condo building in Colorado has two - they are rare but gaining in popularity which in the US may not be the best thing for the breed.

15th December 2006, 05:18 PM
I live in Oklahoma and they are very rare here. I only know of 2 other people that have them besides me. When people see them they for sure run over and ask tons of questions... at first they think they are a cocker but I am quick to correct them...
I have only seen Blenhiems around here and occasionally they are in the news paper in Oklahoma City. All Blenhiems though...
They run around $600+ in Oklahoma. $2000 + if you want show quality or whole colored ones.

15th December 2006, 05:35 PM
There are quite a few where I live. My neighborhood has about 4; I know that there are some in the neighborhood just down the street and I have seen quite a few others in the area. NOT an oddity around here, though people don't always know what a Cavalier is (though plenty do because of Sex and the City).
I have known about them all my life; in Europe they seem more common, but it's true in the US I never saw all that many where I lived before, and it's only in the last few years that I've noticed as many in Chapel Hill (of course since we have one now my husband and I are told all the time about colleagues and students that their family has one or more or they ahve neighbors or friends who have one... so it seems to be a fairly well-known breed around here)

15th December 2006, 05:38 PM
The Blenheims I would say are the most popular around our area, then Tris and then the Rubies and Black and Tans are rarer.

I think in Ontario Canada - that line up is about the same here. When I started looking at breeders over 50% had blenheims available, tri's are a little cherished by breeders so harder to get and I saw only a handful of Ruby litter possibilites and RARELY tans.

Funny you just posted this, because I just got an email from my breeder. Originally I was trying to up my odds for a tri because that's what my daughter insisted on - personally, I had a thing for the blenheims. But the litter born has 2 tri girls that maybe going to show homes, leaving the reality of a tan/black for us.

Since being on this site, I noticed U.S. all colours are popular and have seen so many rubies and tan/blacks that I absolutely adore both now, perhaps because the are rarer.

In terms of us, this site has made me love all the colours - quite honestly at this point I really dont have a preference for one colour over the other - what a do have a preference for is seeing the combo colours! you know how a ruby looks great beside a bleinhiem or tan, then the bleinhiem with a tri - and forget it when I see all four together, I just love it! I'm scaring my husband pointing these things out - but I keep saying oh come one, they are so little, all 4 would take up less space than our lab did..

15th December 2006, 06:06 PM
In 2005, Cavaliers had the 31st highest registeration of new dogs with the AKC (American Kennel Club) at 7678. This number, of course, only includes dogs registered with the ACKCSC, the AKC parent club. If Cavaliers are registered only with the CKCSC ( which is the original club and a legitimate option :thmbsup: - most dogs from good breeders are dual registered) or with one of the other "clubs" or is not registered, they are not in this number, so certainly the number is much higher, but not like minature Schaunzers (#10) at 24,000 more or less or certainly Labs (#1)at 137,000. Of course it is also a lot more than Clumber Spaniels who are #122 with only 266 registrations in 2005.

If you are interested in comparing numbers, here is the link: http://www.akc.org/reg/dogreg_stats.cfm. I think there is also a listing by some major cities. New numbers for 2006 should be out in January at the AKC website.

Joanne M
15th December 2006, 06:50 PM
I live just north of Boston in the USA. Other than at the breeder's home where I got Tucker, his brother that my friend has, I've only seen one other Cavalier in my life. I was so excited I ran up to the woman in a parking lot to meet her big beautiful blenheim.

I believe the most popular breed in the USA is a golden retriever. Interesting as I think cavalier personalities resemble that of a golden, friendly and non-aggressive. Other than when they jump on you for a kiss, they won't be knocking you down to get it!

Whenever I take Tucker out in public he causes a stir. Very rarely does anyone know what he is or has heard of the cavalier. He is routinely given a great deal of attention from most people he sees.

I just got back from the pet store (my first and probably last visit there as it made me itch as soon as I walked in), and the pet store clerk said "oh, a king charles spaniel" I of course corrected her and pointed out the physical differences between a cavalier and a king. I believe the cost of acquiring a cavalier from a reputable breeder would be between $1,500.00 and $2K.

15th December 2006, 06:56 PM
Before I took SiânE on I never notices any Cavaliers around here. It seemed to be mostly Springer’s and Cockers.

After I took her on suddenly Cavaliers were like the buses. Every time I went over the park, more and more of them just kept coming along.

Tris are the most popular (99% of puppy’s over the park last year were Tri) 8)

Ruby’s second

A few of Blenheims

I have only seen two Black and Tan around here in three years and I think they were just visiting the area.

15th December 2006, 07:18 PM
I'd never seen or heard of a cavalier until I started my research to find the perfect breed for our family. I don't watch much tv so never have seen the cav on Sex and the City. Since then I've only come across two other cavs in Arkansas: a blen and a tri. Friends have fallen in love with my cavs and have since gotten one. I've met, temporarily fostered and placed six puppy mill cavs from rescue into forever homes, but that's because Arkansas is one of the biggest puppy mill states, unfortunately.

Oh...forgot to mention prices. From my research I've found "pet-quality" cavaliers from registered club breeders to be anywhere from $1500-2500 USD. Show quality cavs start at around $2500. Females tend to cost a bit more, for some reason. I think the whole colors are also a bit higher since they're not as popular, and therefore not bred as much as the parti-colors.

15th December 2006, 07:24 PM
Never actually saw a black and tans in person nor the ruby ones here in Vancouver.. more blenheims and then tri .. breeder told me that, she had a hard time selling her tri litter, but no problem on blenheim.. puppies ranges from Canadian $1500-4500 (breeding contract that i was told about) I know in Washington,US was for US$2000 .. and that's the average price :? Rarely see Cavaliers.. RAREly.. :(

Cicero's Mummy
15th December 2006, 07:41 PM
I can't speak for anywhere else, but in Columbus, Ohio a Cavalier (unregistered or limited) can not be found for less than $1200 at a reputable breeder. I have been quoted $400-$800 but after checking out those "breeders" most I questioned on pedigree or just all together conditions of where they were being raised and such. They seemed to fall under the "puppymill" category.

Most reputable breeders I talked to said that registered go for anywhere from $1800-$2600. Our breeder sells her registered dogs (that come from a champion AKC line) for $2600. You can imagine our surprise when she offered one to us for free! (my fil is her vet ever since she began breeding CKCS)

I think it would be safe to say that Blenheim is the most popular color everywhere because that is what people most identify with the breed. It is actually all I have seen in the actual city of Columbus. The second most popular being the Tri (in the subburbs). Although I have seen just as many B&T's as I have Tri's lately. I would say that ruby's are the least popular color, but this may be that the breeders in the area just aren't getting that color regularly in thier litters. (one breeder I ran into says she has nothing but Blenheims and Tris in all her litters and she has been breeding for 3 years!---okay not very long time but ya' know)

I would say popularity is growing (because of SITC) but not quite as popular as the ever portable Chihuahua and Yorkie. I think these seem to be the two top favorite here in Columbus, closely followed by the Maltese, Shih Tzu and some of the "mixes" (anything mixed with a poodle is usually what I run into).

15th December 2006, 08:26 PM
I usually get, "What a CUTE cocker! I thought you were supposed to dock their tails?" :?

Needless to say in SE Tennessee, a very select few people actually know about them. But once they do, they are in love! It's almost like a secret society! Whenever I meet another cav owner, its like we have known each other for years. :)

They are the most amazing dogs. :flwr:

Julie J
15th December 2006, 08:37 PM
I *thought* that cavaliers were rare where I live near Toronto Ontario (Canada) until we got Jack. I spoke with a few breeders before taking a shine to ours and her litter was only tris and blenheims.

Although I still almost never see them on the street, this past fall our breeder invited us to a "Cavalier picnic" and I couldn't believe the number of people who showed up! Mainly tris and blenheims but there were a few rubies as well as black and tans.

15th December 2006, 09:12 PM
I never saw a cavalier, before I had my first one. I do not know anyone personally that has one (other than breeders). Everyone always stops me and asks me what kind of dog it is and how beautiful it is and so friendly.

My dogs cost between $1250 - $2000 each.

That is why this webboard is so wonderful. We finally get to meet and talk to other cavalier owners.

15th December 2006, 09:20 PM
I live in Sydney Australia and to be honest I haven't seen many cavs at all! :yikes Maybe I'm just not looking?

I remember when I was younger (4 or 5) my mum used to take me to the park everyday and we'd nearly always meet an old lady and her 2 dogs. They were cavs but at the time I only knew of them as sweet gentle dogs who loved to give kisses! :lol: Now looking back on those memories I know that their cavs. :D

But recently I haven't seen many around at all :? I saw a little blenheim at the park earlier this year but thats about it. I know that their are LOTS of breeders in my area though so I think I should just keep my eye out :)

15th December 2006, 09:30 PM
WOW, well it seems my mum wasnt telling fibs afterall lol

Just on my regular walking route each day I meet up with over a dozen different cavs out walking with their owners, and none of them I knew before I started walking.

The prices in America are HUUUUUUUUUUUGE! WOW!!!!

I used to get several phone calls each walk from people in Hawaii saying they were puppy brokers and wanted to import my pups, they wanted entire litters. I was told its because they know how much money they can make selling to mainland America. Apparently, its quite often cheaper to import a top cav from australia, then it actually is to buy a pet quality cav in the states.

Needless to say I never sold any of my pups to them, and never will.

Thanks for your answers everyone, I was starting to think my mum must have lived in a cave or something, but well, seems not!


Joanne M
15th December 2006, 09:33 PM
Our Mums are often smarter than we give them credit for :) I know mine is.

Wow, just noticed I'm a "dog star" now *fluffs hair*

15th December 2006, 10:01 PM
Around here Blenheims are definitely the most popular by some way. Second place goes to Tri's with Ruby's and B&T's joint last - I don't see that many of either around.

15th December 2006, 10:04 PM
Here in Tampa, I NEVER see cavaliers unless they are people that I know. (My mother in law and her best friends have 7 combined and they are all from the same breeder.) Other than that no one around here even knows what they are!! They stumble on the name Cava -what?? or say "is that like a cocker spaniel?" :?

In the puppy stores (evil evil, bad bad!!! :x ) they run from $1395+ You pay that much money for a gauranteed puppy mill dog who is already terribly ill.
In the papers the lowest price you will find is $800 (back yard breeders evil evil bad bad!! :x )
Reputable breeders are $1200-$2300+

I always get so excited when I see another cavie and if I don't have my boys with me I pull out pictures!!

15th December 2006, 10:39 PM
I had never seen a Cav in NW Iowa before I got Freckles. The vet was really surprised to see him-like "wow". That being said, a lady was visiting a few houses down and came running across the backyards saying "could that be a Cavalier?" There are breeders within a hundred miles. I don't know any real costs except a friend keeps telling me she sees ads running $1500-$2000. There are a variety of dogs here-on this one block are 2 min pins, a lab, a rat terrier, a coyote/husky mix and my 4.

15th December 2006, 11:24 PM
Darwin, Australia. Never seen a cavalier here until I bought one!

16th December 2006, 12:27 AM
Speaking of popularity... Have any of you noticed the rise of advertisements with Cavaliers (mostly blenheims, I saw on tricolor on a tv ad)? I just noticed it in the past year or so. Wondering if this is happening in other countries too. [I also saw Law and Order: SVU with a blenheim--Munch was holding it and kissing it] Just something I have noticed; wondering if that is a reason for the rise in Cavalier ownership or vice versa.

Bruce H
16th December 2006, 01:07 AM
Kris and I were just talking about this last week. When we first go into breeding, it seemed like most people wanted blenheims based on the calls and e-mails we got. Over the last several years the tris have been gaining in popularity. I would say that right now it's close to a dead heat between bleheims and tris, with tris maybe a little ahead; next comes ruby's (my favorite color), then B & T's.

After a bit of discussion, we are beginning to think the popularity of the different colors has a lot to do with what people are used to seeing. They used to see mostly blenheims, but there are now a lot more tri's than there used to be, so the popularity of tri's goes up. Just a theory.

There still are very few Cavaliers in my immediate neighborhood, only 1 that I know of. I do see a lot more people that know what breed my dog is when I'm walking them though.

I do have to tell you about a really funny question I got several years ago when we were walking our tri boy between the parking ramp and the St. Paul show. A family stopped and asked us if our tri boy was a minature St. Bernard :lol: It was all I could do to keep from laughing, but they had never seen or heard of Cavaliers before, so they just didn't know. And with my warped sense of humer, it was all I could do to not play with them a bit!

16th December 2006, 01:28 AM
Bruce the comment about the mini saint doesnt really surprise me.

When I walk the black and tans I have eyes popping out in every direction. Noone has any clue what kind of a dog they are! The usual goes something like

'Is that dog part Rottweiler'
'What about part doberman?'
'What about Daxon?'
'NOOOOOOOOOO!, It is a Black and Tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel thankyou'
'Lady you obviously know nothing about the breed because they only come in Brown and White and sometimes black and white'

At that point, I just say yep, your probably right, iv been fooled. Silly me huh. What would I know, not as if iv been in the breed for 16 years'

Deary me LOL


Coco's mom
16th December 2006, 01:36 AM
Cavaliers are apparently fairly popular in some regions of Toronto. I haven't seen many though, and Coco hasn't met any. :( In the past year, I've probably seen 7 cavaliers in Toronto- all blenheims and tricolors.
Seeing a cavalier is a huge thing for me because it's so rare.

I get A LOT of attention when I take Coco out I think because people don't see cavaliers often. It's impossible to shop or go out because everyone wants to see Coco! I can't take 2 steps without someone approaching us to see her and ask what kind of pup she is. People usually think Coco is a cocker spaniel, some kind or spaniel, or a mixed breed. Even after I told one person that she is a CKCS, he thought that was a mixed breed. Or they know exactly what breed she is and they are very knowledgeable about CKCS.

16th December 2006, 03:30 AM
Cavaliers arent very popular here either ( Louisiana ) and I dont think I ever saw any before I got Colby.

I have forund that Cavs from reputable breeders here in the states range from 2000.00-2500.00

16th December 2006, 04:56 AM
Cavaliers have become pretty common in the Atlanta GA area. I think that this is due to the fact that there are quite a few very well known breeders within 100 miles of here.

16th December 2006, 07:05 AM
My parents got one in 1996, I found my first 2 at the pound in 2001, the pound had no clue had them listed as "toy spaniel mixes". I had wanted a b&t for years and 2 blocks from my house walking down the road 1 day I passed a gal walking a b&t... stopped dead in the road jumped out and said I love your Cavalier...she was surprised I knew about them let alone owned 2. I saw 2 at the dog park a block from my house, but they are still pretty rare out here too. They have been going for 1300 to 2000 and up. (think that would be close to 2600 to 4000 pounds)

Bruce H
16th December 2006, 10:10 AM
Bruce the comment about the mini saint doesnt really surprise me.

When I walk the black and tans I have eyes popping out in every direction. Noone has any clue what kind of a dog they are! The usual goes something like

'Is that dog part Rottweiler'
'What about part doberman?'
'What about Daxon?'
'NOOOOOOOOOO!, It is a Black and Tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel thankyou'
'Lady you obviously know nothing about the breed because they only come in Brown and White and sometimes black and white'

At that point, I just say yep, your probably right, iv been fooled. Silly me huh. What would I know, not as if iv been in the breed for 16 years'

Deary me LOL


OMG, that's amzing! Now THAT'S the kind of person I would have a ball playing with :lol: I'd make up a story they would remember for the rest of their life.

And, yes, isn't it amazing how a Cavalier will turn heads? Mine included. I too have stopped my car in the middle of the road to talk to a person walking a Cavalier. And several years ago, I told my wife that I wished I had known about Cavaliers before I was married; what a chick magnet :D (Iknow, I know, typical man!).

My Wesley
16th December 2006, 04:46 PM
I haven't seen ANY around here. I used to always pop into puppy stores just to see different breeds and I think one time I saw a CKCS and that's what got the breed in my head. Or... when I was looking for what kind of dog to get, I went through the ABC's of dogs by breed and stopped when I came to the CKCS! :)

Anyway... look what's on the front cover of Parents Magazine this month....


16th December 2006, 04:52 PM
I think every person in the US who owns a cavalier is on this site because no one else has heard of them!! :lol:

17th December 2006, 09:06 PM
Hi All

Interesting topic, where I live, a small town called Gourock, 30 miles out of Glasgow Scotland, I had never known what a CKCS was until a girl who lives round the corner from me, bought one 13 years ago, his name was Bobby Black and was a tri and even then I still couldn't remember the breed! :lol:

Bobby sadly had passed away, then I went to my friends Aunts house to stay in Alloa and when we arrived they introduced us to their new 12 week old Cav pup Trudy also a tri, she is the sweetest little thing, an absolute doll and knows how to get her little paws round my friends two male cousins, they are big softies with her. She is now a year and 4 months old.

I have only ever seen one blenheim when I was young, no rubies or black and tans round our way. :(

Then our boy Rio came to us from a breeder in Kilbarchan, Johnstone.

After we took Rio on his first walk, we bumped into an old school friend Ive not seen in years and she has a 9 month old tri pup called Skye, now everyone around our street thinks that Rio is Skye and Skye is Rio!!

Its so annoying!!! :sl*p:

My dad also paid up to £400 for our tri pup and he is worth every penny. :D

Joanne M
17th December 2006, 09:23 PM
I love that PARENTS magazine cover. I wonder if that cav belongs to anyone we know. Although, I'm sure we would have heard of it by now if it does.

18th December 2006, 12:00 AM
[I also saw Law and Order: SVU with a blenheim--Munch was holding it and kissing it].

i've seen that episode twice, about the guy who kills his wife. The cavalier is in several scenes in the beginning! thank goodness for DVR, i was able to rewind and replay several times and pause--that was a really cute cavalier, and so happy and friendly to be there with the people, even if he did just discover his mummy murdered :yikes

18th December 2006, 12:24 AM
i'm in Los Angeles and i have encountered about two other people on Cavaliertalk from this area. I never knew about cavaliers before my daughter got a blenheim last year. She said that when she was a little kid and had this book of dogs with pictures of all the breeds in it, that was the one she wanted, based on the picture and description in the book.

i wanted to get one like hers, Blenheim, and so then i saw some cavaliers while i was looking for one, of course, at the home of the lady i got zack from, she had all blenheims when i first visited. I visited many times and she always had blenheims. Then one day she had zack, a tri, and i waited a couple more weeks to decide and then got him instead. I also saw three blenheims at another breeder's home.

After that, i have seen very few in this highly populated area with many dogs (so many labs and goldens). I have never seen a cavalier at the dog park. I've never seen one on the street or in a pet supply store. I did see a tri at one of my vets, and i saw the only B&T Ive ever seen at my other vet. I have never met a ruby yet. :(

The other day, i saw a woman with three small dogs at a very crowded outdoor mall. i had zack with me. I fought my way through a wall of people to get to her and asked if they were cavaliers. Two were cavalier mixes and one was a pomeranian mix, all rescues.

I have slowed down and stopped my car whenever i think i see a cavalier.

i never get to see any but it's exciting just to have someone walk up and say "that's a cavalier king charles spaniel, isn't it?" Just that they know, is nice. When i get asked what breed he is, by the time i get to the word 'spaniel,' i have lost a lot of people, their attention span doesn't last that long. Like they were hoping for a name they could remember. I think it's surprising i dont see more cavaliers around town. As far as small dogs go, i see a lot of chihuahuas, a lot of yorkies, a lot of lhasa, jack russells. How can people not have cavaliers????? i don't understand it. Why aren't they overrunning the planet, they are so wonderful?? but come to think of it, when i was looking to buy one, they weren't that easy to find.

Joanne M
18th December 2006, 06:44 PM
Thank God we all know we're not alone in our obsession with cavaliers. Though I must tell you all that you and your beautiful cavs have only contributed to my ever growing obsession!

18th December 2006, 07:23 PM
There seem to be quite a few Blenheims around our neighbourhood.
At least half a dozen...which is a LOT.

Many people thought Charley (tri) was some version of a Cocker!! lol

Since Mary Alice (Blenheim) joined us, both my daughter and I have noticed that cars slow down to look at her.

She is quite petite, very pretty and quite a deep chestnut colour.

I think it's the lovely feathered tail, held high, that makes them check her out! :lol:

Gingers Mommy
18th December 2006, 07:38 PM
Im in NYC. Had a friend growing up who had King Charles Spaniels, then became friendly with a girl in my bldg who had a cav- beautiful ruby boy who was the sweetest most darling lil guy.
I knew from then on if i'd ever get a dog this was the breed for me.
There are actually a number of people just in my area alone with Cav's. I belong to a meet up group in the city and there are 35 members!! We try to meet once a month indoors or out so all the lovely cavs can play. Its very fun.At our meetups blenheims are the most popular- last time Ginger was the only Tri (and not much of a tri at that, only having 1 brown eyebrow! Makes her perfect!) There were about 2 or 3 rubys and same for the black & tans.
At ginger's day care there are about 4 or 5 cavaliers that are members! I do get the ? a lot, what kind of dog is that? And when i begin my rant....they are totally lost! But I always say how amazing they are. Ive noticed more and more seeing them in dog catalogs and on the internet for dog websites. Even in the AKC Puppy Manual there are a few pictures of them.

murphy's mum
18th December 2006, 08:03 PM
The 1st Cavi I ever saw was my sisters, he was a Blenheim. You don't see all that many around here, when you do they are Blenheims or Tri's.
The 1st ruby I have seen in person was Cecily's Tandie on Saturday :D

18th December 2006, 08:40 PM
I'm from near Brussels, in Belgium. I don't know how they're spread among the whole country but I see them frequently, let's say 20% of the dogs in my neighbourhood. Some near neighbours had two but they've had them since 10 years now and said I would have difficulties trying to find one when I was looking for a pup. I askes around but they seem pretty present in Flanders, more then in Wallony. I paid 500 € for Sam. I had offers from 350 to 750 €. The most I see are tri or blenheim. Ruby are really rare but less then B&T.

18th December 2006, 11:21 PM
Do you think that Sex in the City has anything to do with the large population of Cavs because it was filmed in the City, or because NYC has such a large population of people?

18th December 2006, 11:42 PM
i've seen that episode twice, about the guy who kills his wife. The cavalier is in several scenes in the beginning! thank goodness for DVR, i was able to rewind and replay several times and pause--that was a really cute cavalier, and so happy and friendly to be there with the people, even if he did just discover his mummy murdered :yikes

OMG that brings back memories for me Judy :yikes A few years back, a lady not far from where I live was murdered by her ex-husband and her Cavalier was found right next to her body, lying snuggled up to her :(

The lady's family then took the dog to the Vet to be PTS and the Vet did it :yikes :yikes :yikes The first that I knew of it was when I saw it in the newspaper. If that dog had been taken to my Vet then it would never have been PTS but would have been fostered or given a home by either my Vet, me or one of the Vet nurses. It still upsets me now to think of a perfectly healthy young Cav being PTS because the family didn't want it :(

19th December 2006, 06:46 AM
donna, that is so sad. i can imagine how frustrated you must've felt, to know that if only the right people, such as you, had been contacted, the dog would've gone on to live its life that it was born to live. man's inhumanity to dog. :x it's so callous, the way dogs are pts for reasons like that, dogs that could have homes. Those that will never have homes, that's bad enough, but those for who homes could be found is even worse if that's possible.

and i've heard of people who insist on putting their dogs to death even when homes are offered and because dogs are legally considered property, they can get away with it. Recently one of our forum members reported a story of a vicious ex husband doing it, apparently for spite.

Recently there have been some court cases and legislative initiatives here which involve defining pets not as property but as family members. There would be a lot of ramifications of that. I think one of the things that triggered the initiatives was Hurricane Katrina, and the way some people would not leave their pets with the result that they either died or rescuers had more to deal with.

Perhaps in the long run, this could lead to limits on practices like putting healthy animals to death, just as it would not be permitted to put one's child to death for the kinds of reasons that dogs are killed for. But i doubt that kind of humaneness is in the near future. There would have to be a very different allocation of material resources in societies for that to be possible probably. Thank goodness for the efforts of animal recue people now who are able to make it possible for some animals to enjoy longer happy lives of love that they would otherwise not have.

19th December 2006, 09:35 AM
I live in Seattle and have noticed quite a few Cavalier's in the area. I would definitely say that the majority of people I have spoken with are not familiar with the breed. However, I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of people who do know about Cavaliers. It has been a wonderful experience being a part of the Cavalier family. Meaning that when I am out with Indy and we run into other Cav owners they always come up and want to swap stories and make a fuss over her ... and of course we are the same. It really is awesome that Cavalier owners seem to unite in a way that I have never seen with other breeds. There are always ads in the major newspaper here selling Cavaliers but sadly I have noticed that most of them are not to put it kindly ideal breeders. But through a legitimate breeder you are going to pay upwards of $1000. We chose to go through a breeder in Ireland and spent $1500 and she was well worth every penny! Of course we've already spent more than three times that spoiling her since we got her!

19th December 2006, 02:41 PM
Where I live (which is the same town as Maxxs_Mum AKA Donna), I know of quite a few. In our family we have 3 Toby, Taffy and Archie, my aunt walks Taffy and meets up with Poppy who is another Cavvy, then there is Donna's 2. I also know of one from Cheltenham way (which is about 20 miles from here).

5th January 2007, 04:22 AM
I hope no one minds if I bring back this old thread. My experiences with Christmas shopping really made this hit home.

First, I had never seen a Cav in person until I bought my Toby. I hope that I am not repeating a story I have told before, but here goes.

About 10-11 years ago my daughter and I were traveling down a rural road in Oregon and saw a beautifully painted sign that said, "Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for Sale." The sign had beautiful paintings of the dogs.

I made a big U turn and went back to the driveway, which was gated. I can't remember for sure, but there was either some kind of bell to ring or a sign saying to honk. The lady came out to the gate and I told her that I would like to see the dogs. I had never seen one or even heard of them but the painting was so terrific, and I am such a dog lover, I just wanted to see what they looked like.

I'm pretty sure that we didn't look like riff-raff, but the lady took one look at us, in my 3 year old vehicle, and us in our hiking clothes, and said, "These dogs cost $2000.00 and up, so unless you are ready to buy one, ........(essentially, I'm not wasting my time showing them to you.)"
And she didn't, she walked away from the gate and left us standing there.

In the next ten years, I still never saw a Cav. Not on TV, didn't watch SITC, not anywhere, but I couldn't get them out of my mind.

So blah blah blah, I got Toby. He was absolutely meant to be my dog. First, he was priced in a range I could afford because of his underbite and his age, 7 months when I got him. Second, several people had come to see him and he would have nothing to do with them. From the moment I walked into his yard, he has in my lap, following me, and cried at the gate when I left that first day. His owners said that he had never reacted to anyone like that, and I don't doubt it at all. I knew the moment I held him, he was my dog.

During Christmas shopping time, I went to Petsmart without him and saw a lady who had a Cav in her cart. Of course, friendly little me just marches right up to her and says, "Oh you have a Cavalier, I have one too." She totally ignored me! How rude!

Now for some good news, that was the only time I haven't had Toby with me at Petsmart, and everytime, even the employees make a big fuss over him. The last time I took him, on Christmas Eve Day, he had this adorable Christmas collar with candy canes dangling from it, he looked so cute.

A woman came up to me and asked, "Is that a King Charles Cavalier, I've never seen one in person before!" And I said yes, he is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She was just gushing about not ever seeing one before except on tv and in pictures and how beautiful he is. I told her that I hadn't ever seen one in person either, until I got Toby. I was actually nice to her and let her pet him and play with him.

I have lived in California for about 40 years, and have lived in Newport Beach, Orange County, Glendale, Central Coast, and now in the Sierras. And have only now seen 2 Cavaliers, mine and the rude lady's.

My experience is that "Pet Quality", cannot be bred or shown, females are 2000 and males about 1500 to 1700.

I want another so badly, and I would love to rescue one of these remarkable babies. I have a real gift with dogs, despite my other thread where I was impatinet with my Toby's obscession with me. But I have never seen any rescues in California.

Keep me in mind if you do hear of any resuces in CA, OR, NV, or maybe even AZ. I will drive hundreds of miles to save a Cavalier.

Thanks for listening to this long post. In summary, I can only say that these wonderful doggies are so rare that to find one is a miracle.

5th January 2007, 07:14 AM
....I have never seen any rescues in California.

Keep me in mind if you do hear of any resuces in CA, OR, NV, or maybe even AZ. I will drive hundreds of miles to save a Cavalier.

Thanks for listening to this long post. In summary, I can only say that these wonderful doggies are so rare that to find one is a miracle.

I just posted contact info on cavalier needing a home, he is fostered in Santa Barbara, the agency is in West LA. I don't know if they still have him, the email came about a week ago, maybe they are still screening people.

i never saw a cavalier in SoCal until my daughter got one last year, and since then, i still have never met one in person except when i was looking for one of my own and i met other puppies at the place where i got zack, and at one other breeder i met two. But since then, i haven't met any, except, i did see two at the vet, each at different vets. And i met a woman at a mall (The Grove in LA) who had two rescued cavalier mixes with her. They sure aren't common here, but i meet people who know what kind of breed they are.

5th January 2007, 02:40 PM
We have six in just two roads all blenheim and Tri. This year we went to Great Yarmouth for a few days by the coast and one afternoon in town we met six cavaliers all with different owners walking down one main street. In the end we were all standing chatting at once. Cavalier owners are all such nice friendly people and will always come over to talk.

5th January 2007, 02:47 PM
there is a good few around my area, but my friends ma rescued a lovely girl and i fell in love with her wanted a cav ever since, as they are beautiful well manned dogs!! :flwr:

6th January 2007, 12:45 AM
We have only seen a few in our area. My next door neighbor has a blenheim. When we got new neighbors on the other side this summer, my husband and I said to the wife that we hoped they were dog people as we had 4 dogs. And she said that her mother had a blenheim too and she visits often! How weird is it that 3 houses in a row are 6 cavaliers.

When we go to the dog park, people comment on our blen and tri as cavaliers and then ask what kind of dogs are the other 2? Most seem to never have seen or heard of rubies and B/Ts.

In the NYC/NJ area, the going rate seems to be $2500-3000 these days for a pet quality pup.

6th January 2007, 03:32 AM
I've run into three others in Williamsburg, VA by accident- all tris whearas my Isabelle is a Blendheim (sp?)

When we first brought her home we took her to a vet recommended by my coworker- they wrote on her records that she was "tan and white" in color and I found a new vet