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15th December 2006, 11:15 PM
hello we are back, well we really didnt go anywhere but i left on such a low note that those of you who read it will understand that i really didnt feel i was in a position to talk about any aspect of owning a cav as i couldnt even get the basics right such as feeding!!! as a recap..and this could be long!!!!i had been having trouble with jadan pooping in the kitchen over night after he had had his castration. i believed there was a connection of sorts as it started after this but i THOUGHT it was because i had been over feeding him as i had got my weights confused. since then we have hopefully (touch wood, never want to speek too soon!) sorted the problem out. after weeks and weeks of trying all sorts of things, keeping him on leash so as not to scavange, not letting anything in his mouth that we didnt put there, even confiscating treats to rule them out.in the end it wasnt the amount of food jadan had been given after all. even after i beat myself up about it. we kept him on lead on walks trying to suss out what could be giving him the runs at night when during the day he was fine. it seemed to be a build up as we would go out to work and he would be fine but in the mornings we would often come down to the runs even if he had been walked well into the night. anyway. it wasnt the amount but the flavour!!! jadan would have just gone poop more often the vet said and put on a little weight but other than that the amount wasnt the problem. I realised after talking through with the vet that after jadan had had his op that i had changed his jwb from lamb which he didnt really like, to turkey and his treats were jwb duck crackerjacks. i knew he was allergic to chicken but every bird fariety didnt cross my mind!!!!!! here was me thinking i was doing him a favour giving him his favoutite turkey after his op when he actually cant take it! since finding this out he has gone back to the lamb and actually likes it and straight away we noticed a change in his stools, much better and no soiling ever since!!!!!(touch wood again) he has been like this for a good while now so fingers crossed. no duck, chicken, turkey of any sort. after tha accidents we would ignore him until he had been outside. his usual routine is to sit on my lap while i have a cuppa and he snooses but when he had an accident he would sit infront of me and know he wasnt allowed up. when we walked in the kitchen he would stay in his bed and look from it to us, we didnt shout at him just told him "no! poop outside" then let him out to finish off. he never peed in the kitchen, which is why we knew it was accidental when he pooped. ignoring him was the only way we felt to let him see that it wasnt acceptable even though it was unintended. i know people say that they dont understand if you havent caught them doing it, but i just dont believe that. he knows poop, he knows outside etc. and he knows when he has done wrong otherwise what is all the training about!! get it right you get a treat, get it wrong you dont. anyway, sorry to go on, but i couldnt come back on the sight until i had sorted out jadans problem. fingers crossed its all ok :flwr:

16th December 2006, 12:06 AM
Glad you got it sorted. Welcome back.

Cathy T
16th December 2006, 01:13 AM
Glad you figured out what was upsetting the poor boy's tummy!

murphy's mum
16th December 2006, 08:07 AM
Glad to hear everything has worked out :D
And don't beat yourself up over it, we ALL make mistakes, hindsight is a great thing :thmbsup:

16th December 2006, 08:41 AM
Excellent news... :flwr:

so glad things are getting better for you...now ENJOY him!!!

Alison, Wilts, U.K.

matties mum
16th December 2006, 08:56 AM
Glad that everythink is going on alright ---Aileen