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17th December 2006, 04:08 PM
People may remember a while back I was asking if folks would potentially be interested in having personal profile pages where they could have a little 'dog blog', a pic gallery, etc, on this site.

I have been looking at the one piece of open source software that exists for doing this. Unfortunately it is still in early development though I could set it up on the board. This means it may be a bit buggy and also, that when the public release is available, it may or may not be easy to migrate your profile to a newer version of the software. I think it probably would not be hard to do this.

More complicated is that I need a certain version of software running at my hosting company that they have, but not on the server that runs the board. So they could transfer it, which would mean downtime for some people of up to a day or two while the new server address gets passed through the various stations of the internet (kind of like notifying people of your new home address -- some servers won't know where to find the board for longer than others which is why, when I first moved to the new hosting service, it took some people longer to get nack onto the site than others).

I think I am going to ask them to move one of my domains over there but not this one, so I can put up a test forum and see if I can actually get it to work in the first place. If that goes OK, then I'll likely try setting it up over here. I have to emphasise that doing this is out at the edge of my technical knowledge (which already is pretty thin on the ground! :lol:) but on the other hand at one point this board software was equally baffling to me and we get along pretty well here.

If you want to see what a basic profile page would look like, this is one:


This isn't exactly what I wanted as it has a lot more 'stuff' than I want on profile pages so I want to think about whether to use this or see what else might come up.

17th December 2006, 04:14 PM
Ooh that would be pretty neat if you ask me Karlin Please let us know what you decide

17th December 2006, 04:57 PM
Actually I just found the perfect alternative and have already set up an account that will create a private network for us, on www.ning.com.

I have to issue private invites for people to join so what I'll likely do is send invites to active members and then indicate how anyone else can also join.

We can see how it works; if people like it that's great or if not I can try putting up a proprietary (eg cavaliertalk-based) network using Peopleaggrgeator.

Meanwhile go have a look at Ning.com and I'll let people know when it is ready for profiles. :) I need to spend a bit more time checking out the features and how to set it up.

17th December 2006, 05:11 PM
Hmmm, might not work because there's a 500mb space limit and they don;t link to photos, you upload them. That would run thru most of our group free space pretty fast! Peopleaggregator links to Flickr galleries so that would be a better option. So I may be back to square one but am thinking about it.

Darby's Mom
17th December 2006, 07:19 PM
Oooo! I think that's a GREAT idea, Karlin.... provided it isn't too much of an inconvenience for you, of course! I think most everybody on here would absolutely LOVE to learn more about each other. What a potentially fantastic resource! Please keep us updated! :thmbsup: