View Full Version : Brady's eatting habits

18th December 2006, 07:55 PM
Well, I never really had a problem with breakfast for brady. i would take him outside, and then feed him in his crate while i got ready for work. i'll have to see tomorrow morning what he does (since i work) but it seems on my days off, he doesn't want to eat breakfast. i'm not sure what the problem may be. he also seems to be a little more sleepy than normal. i think a lof of that has to do with the fact that my boyfriend's brother is staying with us, so he has a play buddy during the day when he normally would be sleeping in his crate while i was at work. Plus he's about 8 months now, and neutered. i'm not sure when cavs start to settle down from being puppies, but he still is a puppy. now he's sleeping in my lap. i don't when why he's so tired. i did bring him to get groomed this morning, that might have pooped him out too. there aren't any other signs of problems either, he's happy, he'll play, he'll eat treats still gives lots of kisses and he doesn't seem to be scared of anything. i'm not sure why he would eat his breakfast this morning. he aslo has being going into his crate on his own (i did switch to a larger wire one, instead of the kind you carry so he might like the room) and i find that strange too. i never close the door on him when he goes in without me telling him. that would be mean.

well, sorry for the long post, i really just wanted to see how many of you have a problem with you cavs eatting breakfast over dinner, and around what age they start to settle down since this might be what is happening to him.

18th December 2006, 09:55 PM
It seems that dogs get used to weekday and weekend routines. During the week when both my fiancee and I work, the boys want to be let out immediatly at 6am. They will scratch and howl to do so so they can get their breakfast and play time in before we leave.

On the weekends however, when both my hubby and I sleep in until 9, they are just fine and don't make a peep. Its like they just know. If you find he doesn't eat only when you aren't working, its probably because he knows he has all day to spend time with you and lounge around. He's in no rush.

If it is happening all the time and he just doesn't seem interested in breakfast at all, he could be at the point where he could eat just once a day. As they get older they don't need as many meals. My adults only eat once in the afternoon.

Its a good thing he likes his crate! He feels safe there :D I tried to switch my boys to sleeping in bed with me, but they won't have it because they love their crate! :roll: They all rush into it as soon as I say bed time!