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My Wesley
20th December 2006, 06:16 AM
Sometimes when Wesley is eating or drinking, he will make goofy noises. And he burps as well. Yesterday I expanded his crate and put a large bed in there that filled it, as he's had no accidents in there. I had him in his crate for his personal time and he had started whining and I went down and there was a puddle around one of his toys. Immediately I thought that he peed in there. So thinking that, I washed everything and sized the crate back down. But then today, just shortly after gulping some water, he spit it up on my tile.

Does this mean food allergy? That's what my neighbor w/ a spitting up Schnauzer thinks. The only change I can think is that I just got him some gourmet peanut butter snacks and possibly he's allergic to those. Any ideas?

Her Schnauzer is ALWAYS spitting up water and she's sure he has food allergies, but hasn't gotten him tested yet.

20th December 2006, 08:12 AM
I don't know I would jump striaght to food allergy if there have only been a few isolated incidents, it could be a number of things ?

The new treats might be too rich or just he is a bit sensitive to them ?
He may have eaten something in the garden that has upset his tummy a little ? (eg mulch ! :lol: ) Is he always supervised in the garden ?
He may have been eating or drinking too quick or too much ?
Has he been eating or drinking around playtime/exercise time ?
Could he be hungry ?
I can think of heaps of possibilities but wont list them all. Best thing to do in my opinion is monitor closely (you obviously already are :thmbsup: ), write down everytime he is sick and the time, is it around mealtime or bedtime etc. Monitor his fluids and food intake (I'm sure you do anyway) see how it progresses over a week or so (if he is otherwise fit and healthy if not take striaght to the vet) and you may find by reviewing it over the week you have a pattern ?
If that does not work you could try elimination of foods and go from there ? Hope that helps ?

On the more serious side if you suspect he is not himself and is unwell with it you need to go to your vet and rule out infections and blockages etc.
Good luck with it. Healing kisses and licks sent to Wesley

20th December 2006, 12:14 PM
Some dogs also have a tendency to vomit a bit after drinking water. leo sometimes does this. If it continues, check with your vet.

My Wesley
20th December 2006, 01:57 PM
I think it's either he is gulping his water too fast, or the new treats aren't treating him well. I'll eliminate the treats first as that's the easiest. But I'm thinking it's likely how he goes crazy with his water.

I'm pretty sure it isn't the mulch because I'm very fast about getting him to drop it or taking it out of his mouth. I'm always in the backyard (garden as most of you call it) with him. We have a coyote problem out here so I always need to be with him.

But other than his food and treats, he likes to play/eat leaves, grass, and mulch. I could swear he was bred with a bunny. ;)

20th December 2006, 06:21 PM
Often they will eat leaves and grass to make themselves vomit. Some dogs will always vomit after eating grass for example, some don't at all. I have two boys who LOVE grass but doesn't make them vomit -- comes out the other end. :roll: So that could be the cause of the problem. Leo also drinks fast and gags and sometimes vomits back up the water.