Om's Mom
22nd December 2006, 12:15 AM
Hi, I'm wanting to find a puppia harness for Omlette, so I've been reading your various threads, following links, etc.

I found this crazy cute bonnet that the ears fit through. It has three little "knobs" one on the top and one on each under-the-chin tie. Puppia is calling it the Bingo Hood, 100% acrylic, winter 2006 item.


The site also shows several of the harnesses, houndstooth, etc with the separate pouch.

It appears that this is Puppia's mass sales site. But still good link to see all their products in one place.

Will anyone be ordering the bingo bonnet ? It's s cute, but won't their ears get cold?

Omlette's Mom

Cathy T
22nd December 2006, 12:42 AM
They have some really cute stuff on there.

Coco's mom
22nd December 2006, 12:48 AM
That's an adorable hat! I've never seen one made by puppia, but I've seen similar ones by other companies. I think they are ADORABLE, but yes, the ears will get cold. AND, more importantly, I don't think these hats are made for cavalier ears- the ear holes are so tiny.

I made a couple of hats for Coco because I thought the idea was so so so cute. One has ear holes. (It turned out really silly looking!) I don't think they are practical, just cute. Also, Coco won't keep it on her head for long!