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molly+charlies mum
23rd December 2006, 01:36 PM
i have come to the decision that in january or feb i am going to get a new puppy and have decided on a black and tan one, charlie will be 2 in a week and a half so grown up now and molly is ok with a pup i want to do it right this time so got to find a good breeder and learn to use a crate as never used one with the other two but they will need a bit of peace and with a pup trying to jump all over them not a good idea ive got a while to find the right one so once christmas is out the way im going to start looking,the kids want a big dog but im sticking with my cavaliers the only problem ive got is do i go 4 a boy or girl?charlie hasnt been done yet so maybe a boy is best but girls are so lovely to not sure,i will have to check out a few first and not go for the first one i see, i think the more you have you learn to do whats right so better get searching soon :D

23rd December 2006, 02:29 PM
Congratulations on your decision. I totally agree with you. We learn as we go, don't we. When I was on the look out for my 3rd cavalier I was much more particular. This website also helps so much, to educate us on what to look for in a cavalier and a breeder. Good Luck and I hope to hear more about your plans.

23rd December 2006, 07:02 PM
Keep in mind that it will likely take many months to find a cavalier from a good breeder who health tests and has available or upcoming litters. The heartbreak that can come from opting for 'any old breeder' and getting a dog that suffers early onset MVD is terrible, as this is a horrible condition to watch a dog suffer through especially when it strikes younger dogs -- and also puts money into the pockets of people who do not care about the health of this breed and its long term future, and who *definitely* do not care a jot about the health of the puppy they are giving you. I cannot stress how important it is FOR THE BREED if you care about cavaliers generally, to get a puppy from a good, resposible, health-focused breeder.

I'd recommend contacting Margaret Carter, one of the health committee members of the UK CKCS Club, and asking for a recommendation of breeders who heart test and ideally also MRI for syringomyelia. Or someone here might PM you directly with recommendations.

Making sure your breeder cardiac (not simply vet checks) for heart health, follows the MVD breeding protocol, does hips and patellas and eye testing, and ideally, MRIs, is a very important basic starting point for getting a puppy likely to have a long and healthy life.

Puppy buyers -- meaning ALL OF YOU! -- have more influence in creating a better future for this breed than anything and anyone else -- more than club guidelines, more than club vet advisers, more than vet journal articles, because YOU control the purse strings and if YOU demand that breeders take responsibility for good health and ONLY buy from breeders who do, more and more will move to do just that. :thmbsup: :)