View Full Version : is it ok to feed the puppies a little turkey?

Harley & Carley
26th December 2006, 12:21 AM
I just wanted to check before I gave them some mixed in with their dinner

26th December 2006, 01:21 AM
I only ever once tried turkey for my dogs and one had a poorly tum so never gave it again. I know the skin is very bad for them and much too rich.
I always cook a chicken for the dogs a special treat at Christmas.

26th December 2006, 01:28 AM
I gave my boys some turkey today mixed in with their kibble.
I removed all fat and skin they seem to be fine.
:D :D :D

26th December 2006, 01:29 AM
I regularly feed turkey -- usually I boil it into a big stew. Skin is very fatty though and also has something in it that isn't considered good for them so just take off the skin.

26th December 2006, 10:06 AM
I regularly feed one of my girls turkey mince as she cannot have chicken and she is fine.
Julie and the girls

26th December 2006, 12:39 PM
my 15 week old pup had some with no problems.

(ok - a bit farty hehe)

26th December 2006, 12:47 PM
Holly had huge lumps of turkey as a small pup (my father ignored my protests and fed her it anyway :roll: ) and she had a shocking case of runs. Ever since she's only had turkey in small bits, and while her poop is a little loose afterwards, it's nowhere near runny- and I always make sure she gets some spuds or just a decent handful of kibble with it. Amber has no problems with turkey, but I learnt from Holly's experience and she's only had small bits. Ok, a good handful of small bits, but small bits nonetheless. I also gave them some chicken&pumpkin biscuts which I think may have helped in incipient problems.

Barbara Nixon
26th December 2006, 12:55 PM
Monty's breeder reared her dogs on dried food to which she added turkey meat... and he's 11 now, so it didn't do him any harm.

26th December 2006, 03:57 PM
Mary Alice showed that she's a real "turkey gal" yesterday....she kept guard over the turkey....hoping that it'd fall off the counter!! lol

Yes, we're guilty of feeding turkey to our doggies. :lol: