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27th December 2006, 10:34 AM
I mentioned before that Monty and Milo deteste squeaky toys...i also mentioned that Monty had a barking problem and that we had to do something about it...well its gotten MUCH better im thankful. to say but now and then he starts up.
i was talkin 2 a friend and they thought that when monty barked (excessively) i should squeak the squeaky toy once sort of as a punishment? so that he will soon learn that when he barks excessively he will hear a squeak...what do you guys think of this? honestly to me it sounds really mean and im not sure i really want to do it...but i tried it once..and he stopped barking straight away and did not at all that whole day........i havent done it again because im not sure if its right to do that...im all for the positive reinforcement methods and that just seems a bit mean to me.......i could just b over-reacting..i mean it is just one squeak....do you think i should do this?..thanks in advance :flwr:

27th December 2006, 11:11 AM
If it worked I'd do it! It's not like it hurt him. But I'd reward for stopping the barking. Unless of course he is really frightened of the sqeaky toy, then that's not nice. Maybe say Shhh when you do it then do away with the toy and just say shhh?

They say to teach a dog to stop barking on command you have to teach it to bark on command then tell it to stop. Easier said than I done I think!

27th December 2006, 12:35 PM
Not sure I can help but I think your friend is meaning for you to use it as a form of sound aversion. I have seen it done by some trainers on TV.

I think if it were me personally I would want to find out the cause of the barking when it happens and try to use some other form of diversion first.
I don't think it is cruel to use the toy but...... you are playing on his/their fear and that can't be good ?

Good luck I know it is not easy having terrible twins especially when it comes to training and behaviour stuff. (But I wouldn't have it any other way :lotsaluv: )

27th December 2006, 04:52 PM
I don't think it is really any different then putting coins in a bottle and shaking it or using a squirt gun as a training tool... I think that if a squeaky toy works then go for it. It seems quite minimal compared to a squirt in the face. I would just choose one toy in particular and remove all of the other squeaky toys so that way he doesn't associate fear and punishments with the items in his toy bin.

27th December 2006, 08:09 PM
yeah i know it doesnt sound too mean...but Monty's REALLY frightened of the toy...like when it squeaks he cowers and then becomes all subdued and the other day i accidently squeaked it when picking it up and he cowered and became all subdued and went and hid down in the garage under the car! it took me 15 mins 2 find him and only after some serious food coaxing could i get him out..

but i guess i kno what u mean...i mean its just a noise and it not really any diff to the water spraying.

yeah maybe i'll give it a try..neway if he hears it more he probably wont get as afraid as he is now.

28th December 2006, 02:20 AM
I did not realise he was scared to that level, If he is really that scared please don't do it :(

I used to use a water spray on my boys and although I knew it was not a positive training approach I did not see that much wrong and it actually worked. When I consulted with the behaviourist/trainer the other week who only uses positive reinforcement methods in her training she pointed out it is not the thing to do as you are drawing a fear response to a situation not a trained good behaviour response, I think it is really a trained response we would all hope for not a fear one ??

Just my opinion of course, I don't want to offend :flwr:

28th December 2006, 03:30 AM
dont worry..i know what you mean..it is the desired result...but he does get really scared...anyway ive come to a decision...i spoke 2 another trainer and they werent too thrilled but in the end they said 2 try it out and see what happens...well i used it last night once when he barked and he didnt bark once more that whole night..then this afternoon i used it when he barked and he hasnt barked since...hopefully it will work. fingers crossed!