View Full Version : Advice re prolapsed disc please

30th December 2006, 03:09 PM

I have posted previosly in the SM specific forum about my Mum's dog Rex who was displaying signs of distress and pain.

He has now been diagnosed by x ray with having a prolapsed disc. My vet has said he wouldn't put his dog through surgery, but I'm not sure whether this is best for Rex (and my Mum) or not.

Does anyone know what the prognosis is if he doesnt have surgery? I am worried as to whether he will stay as he is (not great) or get better on his own, or maybe progressively get worse (my fear) as the vet wasn't clear and I didnt want to push it when my Mums there in tears two days before Christmas and I'm terrified she's going to lose him and fall apart.

Should we take him to a specialist? Should we operate? Anyone have any experience or suggestions? He's 9 and has only a very slight heart murmer.

many thanks


Cathy Moon
30th December 2006, 05:54 PM
Oh, poor Rex! I don't know your situation, but would it be possible to get a second opinion from another regular vet?

How is Rex generally, is he overweight? Was he active before he injured his back? Would he benefit from weight loss if he is overweight?

Also, can you make him stay off the furniture? I had a maltese mix who injured her back twice from jumping off furniture. The vet told me to keep her off the furniture and she improved.

30th December 2006, 06:08 PM
I've replied to you on your original thread -- I really think you are dealing more with SM symptoms here as well as pain from his disk -- and really, really think you need to get him to specialists at Chestergates Hospital in Chester as the spinning, head tilt and hiding away are very worrying. Vets do not have the ability to make a diagnosis; Chestergates will. I would not even *consider* back surgery until you have him assessed for SM.