View Full Version : When? From crate to crate+x-pen

My Wesley
2nd January 2007, 01:31 AM
Wesley has now been in his crate for a month and has never had a single accident. Is it now safe to try him in his crate with the door open, plus an about 3' x 3' x-pen? I'd really like him to have more room to roam, but I don't want to go too big right away. Or I can make the x-pen about 6' x 3'. And his crate would take up maybe 1/3 of that.

What do you all think? When it's the next step, how big do you make the extra area? Did you eve have any accidents with that at first?


2nd January 2007, 01:33 AM
Pups are just like children-- some handle growth and change with ease. Others slip back into bad habits. You could try the crate and x-pen and just be aware that you may have to get more restrictive if he doesn't handle it the way you want him to.