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Cicero's Mummy
2nd January 2007, 02:43 PM
Going nuts!! I am doing everything possible (short of making a support group for those waiting for thier cavies) to try to take up time until our little Cicero comes home. DH and I went shopping yesterday to grab some last minute things. I still have yet to get food and such (want that to be as fresh as possible :D ).

I think we are pretty much squared away with all the suppiles... so it's not even like I have that to keep me busy... and I don't want to bomb the board with my two cents on everything (refraining from giving opinions!). Lol... any suggestions??

Maybe a few questions for those of you with furkids will keep me busy reading..... icon_whistling

---How did you prepare for your furkids arrival?
---What is the craziest thing you bought?
---Most indulgent?
---Most useful?

2nd January 2007, 03:01 PM
Going nuts!! icon_whistling

---How did you prepare for your furkids arrival?
---What is the craziest thing you bought?
---Most indulgent?
---Most useful?

(#1) I made a well thought out plan to get my little one housetrained as fast as possible-- I carried her favorite treats in a pocket- took up all the area rugs-- kept her on tile until she was housetrained-- used positive reinforcement.
(#2) We bought a 13 foot gate to be able to keep the dogs in part of the house <when desired>. We bought an elongate with 3 or 4 extentions. This creates a "dog free" zone where my hubby can eat, or unwind without 6 dogs on his lap.
(#3) We had bought some large expensive dog beds--- NEVER again. I need to be able to thoughly wash and sanitize the beds. If it can't fit into the frontloader-- it doesn't get used.
(#4) Dog crates, Cavalier books, membership in cavalier clubs and lists.
I look forward to others' responses. Sandy

2nd January 2007, 03:22 PM
LOL the support group ~ you crack me up!

#1) The "stuffed crate" was important.. I also made a detailed plan of Kosmo's "potty" schedule. I had it written down on paper - the times he pood, peed, and how many times per day it was, how much food he would get and when, etc. I am nuts, but hey, it worked! icon_whistling

#2) The Craziest thing that we've bought for Kos is a King Size bed because we found our Queen too small when he was in it! :oops:

#3) The Most Indulgent thing that we've done is gone crazy for him @ Christmas. I got him a tag from Roxanne's site, plus a douglas paquette collar and leash (about $100 US) Then he also got a blue puppia ($20) and about $150 on various toys, chews and treats. Let me tell you, I don't think he'll need anything else for quite a while now, LOL.

#4) The Most Useful thing that we've gotten our hands on has got to be nylabones. WHen you want a moment just to yourself and not throwing toys constantly we can let Kosmo sit on our lap and hold his bone straight up for him. He will chew it for HOURS providing we "hold it." Don't understand why he needs us to hold it, but it's nice to have him with us and content. ;)

2nd January 2007, 03:23 PM

Before getting our beloved Charley, I did a lot of reading on training a dog.

I read all of Barbara Woodhouses' books, watched her tv show and videos...it was in the early 90's.

We had a plan on how to house-train, stuck to it like glue, he was trained in no time! ;D

Instead of buying a doggie bed, we used extra comforters that could be washed in our machine.

We also had a crate ready for him but used it sparingly and as his "den".

I spoke to our vet about Cavaliers in particular and adjusted my "dog training" thoughts.....Cavaliers dont' require "dominance" etc., as stated elsewhere...they are very easy to train,etc.

Charley only ever had one accident in the house and it was our fault.

Mind you, we got him in fine weather so that going outside wasn't a chore!

So, I agree with Sandy 100%!! :flwr: :flwr:

2nd January 2007, 04:04 PM
Ohh I love this post. My Cavy hasn't even been born yet or conceived for that matter ;) but I love seeing what all of you did to prepare for your new baby. I will def be referencing this post when I find out my baby has been born (probably even conceived as I too am dying from the waiting)

2nd January 2007, 05:27 PM
Oooh the waiting is so hard. We just ended that phase. Trust me, as soon as we decided on a breeder in July, I was a crazy woman. Good luck!

We read a lot about Cavs, on this website and books and such. We also determined a lot of who takes the responsibility for what with her, so there's no confusion about that.

THe craziest thing we bought was probably the pink Puppia ... because I bought it in August and we didn't get her until the end of December. :) We also got her a little travel bag from Target in August.

The most indulgent thing we got was our plane tickets! We flew to California to get her. It was a good excuse for a vacation, right? icon_whistling

I think her crate has been the most useful; Nylabones are fantastic; and any little stuffed toy that she can parade around!

Enjoy the waiting. Your life will never be the same!!! :)

2nd January 2007, 05:31 PM
---How did you prepare for your furkids arrival?
---What is the craziest thing you bought?
---Most indulgent?
---Most useful?

Those are fun to reply to and good questions!

1) Just was excited constantly basically. :lol: My good friend Val who has dogs took me pet-shop shopping for basics and I also got some stuff in the US as I was out there for Xmas (got Jaspar new year's eve as an 8.5 week old puppy). I was only ever used to large dogs so had no idea what to get for a smallie like a cavalier. I used cat food bowls (which I have lots of!) for Jaspar and again for Leo then Lily. I dodn;t get a lot of stuff. Lead and harness and puppy collar, flax lead, bowls and a bed and some puppy toys including a Chilly Bone for teething. A small crate from the Argos catalogue.

2) Craziest... hmmmm. I'm not that given to buying really crazy things (and one person's crazy is another's normal buy!) but probably a little sweater for Jaspar when he was a puppy as I knew it would be too cold to walk him without one, as I got him mid-winter. Also, Christmas hats one year.

3) Most indulgent: well where does one begin! I think we owners are always constantly upping the bar in 'indulgent'... :lol: Most recently: probably my custom-made Larz lead which I LOVE -- can walk three dogs at once or it breaks down into three separate leads or a coupler for two and a single lead. A GREAT investment and the stretchy connectors really do take all the pressure of pulling dogs away. Maybe it is more an indulgence for me though. I got the Z multiple dog leash.


Note they make very nice harnesses as well. The leads are custom made once you order so it takes several weeks but I am very, very happy with this product and the leash is so comfortable to hold.

Lots of Puppia harnesses are my other indulgence I suppose! And treats -- dried tripe and pizzle sticks (bully sticks) and Greenies in bulk.

4) Most useful: the Larz lead again.

Single lead:


Multiple dog system:


2nd January 2007, 06:26 PM
When do you get your little boy? I had to wait 6 weeks last year before I got Gus last year and I was dying! I think the best thing I got was a little fleece baby blanket to carry him around in and he would sleep in on the floor.

Also, I got a cat harness... which was great because even though I didn't take Gus for walks he got used to wearing a harness.

Good Luck!

Cicero's Mummy
2nd January 2007, 06:33 PM
We get him at the end of January/ beginning of Febuary depending on when we fly. :D He was 4 weeks old over Christmas. I already am planning my whole week of his arrival and everything. I am nesting like I'm having a kid!!! Lol, my dh jokes that when we have kids I am going to be a mess! He's probably right... :roll: