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2nd January 2007, 04:12 PM
Only.... 26 days till Kody comes home! My husband says if she doesnt get here soon we will go broke. In anticipation of her arrival it seems I console myself by purchasing thing for her as I wait icon_whistling

My daughter loves this collar http://www.tiabellas.com/boutique/leather-bone-collars-p-142.html which is a buckle, soft leather one. I prefer the softer nylon ones for early mths so I want to get this one to fit at about 5mth - 10 or so. What size in inches are the average cavalier 8wk - 16 wk first wearing and then again 5mth up ages wearing. Being a girl about average maybe a little smaller (litter size 6) should I aim for?

I look at all your sweet puppies but cant quess what size! We have a 2 plus hr from the breeders to our house so a "pit" stop will be needed and a collar for the first trip to be save.


2nd January 2007, 07:04 PM
Kosmo has the dog motif collar from www.tiabellas.com and it's size small. I thought he'd be big enough for the medium (he's full grown just about) but the small still has LOTS of room for him. When I first brought Kos home we had a collar from Rogz for him.. it was pretty nicely constructed too. ;)

2nd January 2007, 09:20 PM
Thanks! I will get the 14 inch as it fits 10-12 and I want it for a few mths later as I think the leather are a little stiff for a really young puppy. OH the motif I can see looking great on Kos! I gotta stop this shopping - can you believe between writing this post and replying I bought a crate pad...

3rd January 2007, 02:50 AM
lol i got mine from old navy. ;) It is great..

If you order something from roxanne let me know.. icon_whistling icon_whistling It's always great to combine and save on shipping.. icon_whistling

Kosmo's collar is really nice I am sure it would fit the little one when she's about 4 months or so. ;)

3rd January 2007, 05:37 PM
lol i got mine from old navy.

:shock: old navy has pet things.... icon_whistling just about the only place i havent looked to spend more money :drivecar: ....25 days and counting! :rah:

3rd January 2007, 05:51 PM
LOL yes old navy has dog stuff!! Go to the general section and look where linda posted about the christmas gifts that i got the boys.. the crate pads are from old navy and so are the holly berry collars with charms on them. ;) Old Navy sells lots of collars and leashes as well as coats ! They do have some toys and blankets and stuff like that too.. crazy world we live in huh?!

Cicero's Mummy
3rd January 2007, 06:07 PM
I found that the old navy stuff --- while cool and good stuff --- is very grossly mis-sized!! The smalls are pretty big!!

My friend has a Yorkie (about 11 lbs -- not fat just we think she is mixed --- long petstore story I will refrain from) and she had to get the smalls... most of the time her Yorkie wears a medium... so just remember... the smalls are really big!

I would recommend taking your dog with you and actually trying on the doggie duds... even the smalls are not uniform smalls!! Lol... guess they still have to work the kinks out...

3rd January 2007, 08:27 PM
Roxanne will always advise you on what size of collar to buy, I also wanted to get my boys a medium due to it being wider.

I got them the Brown Tartan in a small, Darby has the Bumble Bee and the Motif and Dudley has the Oxford Stripe.

The Douglas Paquette are really nice collars the leashes are lovely too.

4th January 2007, 01:13 AM
I have a purse size measuring tape (I told you I was an experienced shopper icon_whistling ) so I will be sure to measure the collars at Old Navy.

Thanks guys I was definately on the wrong track, as I thought the 14" that fits 8-10' wouldnt fit past 8mths but Dudley, Darcy and Kos are older than that and are wearing it.

Let me tell you how pleased my husband is that the girls picked the hot pink with little silver bones on it..... "who is walking the dog" he retorted. "Hush dear we will get you your own sturdy manlike collar for those moments"

14th January 2007, 09:17 AM
What I did was buy a $3 cat collar from Big W! :lol: It has a little bell on it and I can adjust it to any size. It's working really well though Ollie STILL has not made friends with it :roll:

14th January 2007, 05:16 PM
What I did was buy a $3 cat collar from Big W! :lol: It has a little bell on it and I can adjust it to any size. It's working really well though Ollie STILL has not made friends with it :roll:

Actually that's pretty much what I did, plus the 8-12 size as they both were under $5 (so not a big loss if the smaller doesnt fit).

It's "Ollie STILL has not made friends with it" part that worries me. Poor lil girl being taken from mommy and shoved in a car for a 3 hr drive on a cold snowy :( I feel so quilty she will either think we are nuts putting a collar on her for a pit stop or be frantic and wet the cage. I hope she is not too scared by this unpleasant first meeting. I'll just have to make up for it with lots of cuddling when we get her to the house!

ONLY 12 days... 12 days! Can we say soooo excited! Ha I am supposed to be finishing an online course (exam in 11 days) and all I do is hang around here - reading/looking at cavaliers...