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Cicero's Mummy
2nd January 2007, 08:05 PM
Okay, not to toot anyone's horn, but....

I was looking around for the best price on Puppia harnesses... and guess where I found it...


I was on about 4 other sites and the prices were crazy!

One site had the original puppias for $29.50, the orion for $29.50 to $31.50 and the tinkerbells for $34.00!!

Man... that is crazy!

So, okay maybe I am giving some "props" to TiaBellas... but hey they saved me a buck or two!! I know my hubby sure thanks you!! LOL!

**I also like www.ipetconnection.com too!**

2nd January 2007, 08:59 PM
tiabella's has such great such and a lot of variety, and I always know where to find her if something goes wrong ;) :lol: :flwr: (it never would, I am totally teasing) :D

ipetconnection.com is great too (their sales have saved me a bundle), but their stuff is more limited in regards to color and size. I do adore their shipping, I usually get my stuff in two days flat.