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2nd January 2007, 10:16 PM
He's perfect, so it is me. I can easily wait a year--or more. One look at that face and I melt.

What I meant about getting tough was to go back to crate training--more time in the crate even if I am home. Although he was always in the room with me (3 crates) except when I had to go out. I even found tethering better and I did tether today. Since I work most of the time at home (I'm a writer), I tether him to my office chair. He has a play space under my computer, a bed next to it, and a mat and a great toy box. He can get to all those things and seems very content. Plus he gets lots of lap time.

If I "trust him", that's when he wanders off when I don't expect it--like when I am on the phone and distracted. If I take him out every 3 hours, he's almost always fine. My daughter has a puppy a month younger, who wakes or or nudges her aggressively if he has to go out. (Half Sharpei, half Pug) And our son's Springer used to really rush to the door before 6 months. But, different strokes for different breeds and this is my first Cav.

Just making sure mine is okay and I'm okay! I am not super fussy--but still...

Meanwhile, I am freaking a bit because he stole my dental floss box, and when I retrieved it, it was missing the metal cutter. I can't find it anywhere and hope it is not inside. I even poked through the latest pile to check.

But who's anal? Not me!

PS Kosmo's Mom--I loved your story about how you found him!

3rd January 2007, 12:33 AM
aww thanks for that pavane - it really was a journey getting himand I feel like it was the perfect match. :)

I would definately recommend getting health inurance (as you said in your other thread) for things like the dental floss thing.. If you're worried you can take him into the vet without having second thoughts.

I have a neighbor who has a golden retriever and she came home one day to find a broken hairclip minus the spring. She took the dog into the vet and they found that someone threw raw meat with razorblades over the fence (the vet said that's what it was when she took it out) so it was a blessing that she took her into the vet in the first place that day. People can be so cruel and disgusting.

My advice for potty training is just to take him out more often than you think you have to. I take Kos out still every other hour or so even though I know he doesn't have to go. When he was a small puppy I used to kind of "grab a feel" at the hair down there because sometimes it is hard to tell when they are squatting. icon_blshing

Keep your faith and barkleigh will be perfect in no time. ;)