View Full Version : Started a novice competition class tonight

5th January 2007, 06:41 AM
with Robbie...boy oh boy we need to work around distractions more..now we haven't worked a whole lot on the competitive obedience but he has a basic understanding of everything but a stand..anyway this first class was pretty much to see what level everyone was at..Robbie was kind of in the mid high end of the class...so our assignment for the week is to find some places with distractions and work on our heeling and sits.

5th January 2007, 04:00 PM
That sounds like a bit of a challenge. :) The only reason i haven't even tried to get into an agility class is because my Riley gets way too distracted by other dogs that he isn't able to pay attention to me. Definitely a problem on an agility course. :sl*p:
I'll be anxious to hear how you both come along.