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5th January 2007, 09:04 AM
Freddie has being in a weird mood since yesterday :? , when i got up yesterday morning, i brought him out to go to potty, came back in and feed him which he didn't really eat (usually u cannot see the food he has it gone that quickly) so i put him into the carrier until my mam got up as i had to go to work! When she got up she brought freddie out for potty and he went wee's but for the whole day he was in a mood and went to the toilet in the house when ever he felt like it :yikes ( we have being potty training for the last few days and he has being doing brilliant for me he had the odd mishap but that was it!).

When i got home for work he was fighting with me for the evening, usually when i sit down for a while to watch telly freddie will sit on my lap and fall asleep not last night he was like a mad thing, :x trying to play and fight me, he sleeps in his carrier at night and last night had to be left in the kitchen to run free as he was barking so much!! :yikes

Could he be getting teeth? Or is he just having a bad day?

This morning he was giving me cuddles again :flwr:

5th January 2007, 10:49 AM
1) don't give him the ability, ever, to go in the house whenever he feels like it! he needs constant supervision while being housetrained. he needs to either be on a lap, within arm's reach and watched, in a crate, outside doing his business, asleep. Never unwatched, allowed to go in and out as he pleases, beyond arm's length, etc. Every time he goes inside is one step back in housetraining so this is the time for constant vigilance or he won't get the big picture. Don;t ever punish though for going inside. One way to help think about it is that when he goes inside, HE isn't having accidents and mistakes but his HUMANS are having accidents and mistakes -- by not watching him carefully enough. :) Puppies are small and can go very fast and it takes them a while to understand they always need to go outside. The only way they learn is by people gently guiding and rewarding them every single time for the right behaviour and showing them what is desired. :thmbsup:

2) he just sounds like a puppy. Their personalities and activities change as they get older -- in particular, they need less sleep and get more rowdy as they approach 6 months and older or so in particular.

3) if he is around 4-5 months he is likely starting to teeth. This is often a bit painful for puppies so be sure he has appropriate things to chew to help with the discomfort and help teeth come in. A washcloth saked in water, rinsed, twisted and placed in the freezer til frozen makes a good painkilling chew toy at this time

4) if behaviour is really strange and abnormal and he really seems out of sorts (rather than just playful), talk to your vet. But wehn teething they can get a bit under the weather because of the pain.

5th January 2007, 11:55 AM
thanks for all the information karlin, i would be lost with out this form :)

when he goes to potty outside i always reward him, as i have read in my places that it will let him know that he is doing right!

he spends must of his time on someones lap, in his bed beside the chair where we all sit or in his carrier, i think what happened was that he was just acting up yesterday and getting out of eye sight so quickly!!

I was speaking to my ma this morning he is back to potting outside :flwr: but i know that i have alot of hard work ahead of me!