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5th January 2007, 08:11 PM
Just got back from the Vet w/Lily. She was throwing up and had diarrhea during the night and this morning. Vet said she probably ate something like a pine cone, because they will really tear up their tummy's. I don't have pine cones, but I have pine straw in my landscaping and the area under my deck where she goes potty is laid w/straw. She tries to eat it every time I take her out. I make her spit it out, but not so sure hubby has been as diligent. He said he will be more careful now. Vet gave her some phenergan, and said no food for 24 hrs. and she will probably be better by morning. She is fast asleep at the moment, poor baby.

I also took all my literature on SM to my Vet. He told me that he had just been to a CE class and one of the topics was SM. I was thrilled because the last time I talked to him he wasn't at all familiar. I think this is a good sign that they are at least talking about it now in CE. I showed him the list on Neurologist, and one of them in now retired, but the one hi-lited in red that has treated an SM dog at Auburn, he knows. Anyway he said he would like to test Lily in a few moths for allergies first if she is still scratching. He told me the 4 other Cavs he is treating all tested positive for allergies through a blood test, but all are severe cases and have severe scratching. I told him she is scratching just intermitenly, and the yelping for no reason has stopped. He said the neurologist would probably tell him that she was not showing enough symptoms to warrant an MRI at this time, and would want him to rule out allergies before referring Lily to him. His recommendation was to watch her closely, and then test her for allergies in a few months, if no other symptoms surface and she is still scratching. He did tell me that an MRI would be around $600.00, which is way better than I thought.

Oh, and my sweet little girl started growling and barking at a German Shepard in the waiting room. I couldn't believe it. She has never even barked at another dog before. When we were leaving I was paying the bill, and holding her. I had to put her down for a minute, and when I did the GS lunged at her and started feroicoisly barking amd trying to get to her. His owner pulled him back, and I scopped Lily up and she was crying like mad. He didn't touch her but scared her to death. I never put her down at the Vets, but I had my purse, her, the medicine amd was trying to sign the credit card receipt. It scared me to death. I can't imagine why she barked and growled at that dog first. I wonder if he would have lunged at her if she would not have barked and growled first. Sorry for writing a book.

Joanne M
5th January 2007, 08:31 PM
Poor Lily. I hope her tummy feels better fast. Good news on the SM front. It must be great relief to you that your vet is becoming more familiar with it. :xfngr: Fingers crossed her symptoms are not related to SM at all.

Whenever Tucker's tummy has been upset and the vet says he's ready for food again I give him rice and boiled meat for the next day. It seems to help with his loose bowels.

As for the growling. I wish I had an answer Tucker has recently started to bark much more than ever before, including growling at birds and another dog that was sitting in a car parked next to ours. It was a chow that was not barking, and did not appear threatening to me at all. Tucker may have been overly protective, as my door and the dog were side by side, or it may be possessiveness.

5th January 2007, 08:33 PM
Sounds like you have a really considerate vet. That is very interesting that they did SM in CE -- I wonder if that is the influence of Auburn. Also, he is right in making the suggestions he did -- it makes sense to eliminate other possible problems though I thought he had done quite a few things already? That is an *excellent* price for an MRI -- I remember someone quoting a price like this for Auburn before but I had thought it would have gone up. Most places would be twice that at least.

A GSD (or any dog) should not have lunged at a *puppy* regardless of whether she growled and barked -- that would not be normal behaviour. :? Sometimes they (puppies) growl etc at something they haven't seen or that makes them nervous... maybe she just hadn't seen such a large dog before...? Many adults won;t even be bothered by an adult growling and barking -- Lily for example who often does this -- most larger dogs just look at her like, "Whatever! You scruffball!"

Sorry Lily had tummy problems; hope she is feeling better.

5th January 2007, 09:04 PM
Thanks Joanne.....I did the chicken and rice once before when she threw up. I will do this again in the morning. She is fast asleep now with the phenergan.

Thanks Karlin.....I do have a wonderful Vet. As I have said before, if not for him my Lhasa would not still be here today. No, he has not done any testing on her yet. The last time I had her at the Vet was for her last round of shots. That's when I first talked to him about SM, but off the record as my insurance had not kicked in yet. He wasn't familiar at that time, but he went and got his journal where it only talked about Weimaraners. I told him when my insurance kicked in, I would be back with all the literature. Since then, he has gone to the CEC where they talked about SM. I have to tell you how happy I was to hear they are actually talking about it now in CEU's. I was shocked too when he told me a MRI was around $600. Hope he's right. I know my Vet's do a lot with Auburn and the older semi-retired Vet is a pt professor there. One of the neurologist on the list, according to my Vet, is now retired and 80 years old. Can't remember which one. I'll have to go back amd check the list and I would remember. But it was not the one hi-lited in red as having treated an SM cav.

When Lily barked and growled at the GS, was when he first came in and he was way on the other side of the room and I was holding her. We went back and when we came out, 30 mins later, is when he lunged at her. He was actually a GS mix, and he looked to be a puppy too, but very large. The owner said "oh, you know your not supposed to do that to puppies" and then said to me that he had never done that before. Why my Lily? :(

Cathy T
5th January 2007, 11:58 PM
Oh the dreaded tummy problems! Your vet sounds like he's on it. I was impressed with my vet when I had Jake in about a year ago and she said she had just received some literature on sm and was planning on reading up on it. $600 for an MRI is great! Keep us posted on how she does.

6th January 2007, 12:04 AM

So pleasing to hear that your Vet is taking the time to learn about SM :D

We've been down the allergy testing route and poor Charlie is allergic to everything :roll: We're going to see a Neurologist on Monday and may have to have another scan.

IMHO I would say that if she's still scratching madly then I would go for the MRI rather than the testing. Speak to your insurance and say that if you do the testing first it could end up costing them a darned site more in the long run.....

On the big dog subject, was the dog showing aggression or was he just lunging hoping to play? The GSD opposite us lunges at everything but he's just lollopy and wants to play - he also barks very, very loudly and my two are petrified of him. I love him though and his body language tells me he wouldn't hurt them he just doesn't realise how big he is :lol:

Tbh, as Karlin said, it is not normal behaviour for a dog to lunge at a puppy in aggression so maybe he was 'just playing' ?

6th January 2007, 12:52 AM
Thanks Cathy......I was shocked when he told me $600.00. I hope he's right, but could be he just doesn't refer that many pts for MRI's and maybe that's what it was last time he refereed a pt. and that may have been a while. That very well could have been through the Vet school too. ie...if students are involved. The neurologist in private practice may very well charge more.

Maxxs_Mummy.....She really has never scratched madly. What was worrying me was the scratching coupled with the unexplained yelping when we first got her and a few other things like snapping at the air, and wobbliness. The yelping, and everything else but the scratching has pretty much stopped. The scratching is mild, and very intermittent at this point. She shows no signs of pain or tenderness in the neck or head. I am hoping a lot of what I was seeing was just puppy behavior. I think that is why my Vet wants to watch her and test her for allergies before referring her to the neurologist. He thought the neurologist would not think she had enough symptoms at this time to warrant the MRI. I have to say I am cautiously optimistic at this point. My Vet is now informed and if things were to progress, I will be able to act immediately. I wasn't looking when the GS mix lunged, but it did not sound like he was playing. He looked snarly to me when I turned around. Lily was hysterical and screaming like mad. When I stooped to get her, she jumped from the floor up on my shoulders. I know most GS are great dogs. Every one I have ever known was a sweet dog. This dog was mixed with something, not sure what. Thank your for you concern for Lily and I am so sorry to hear about your ordeal with Charlie. I hope everything goes well for you on Monday. Please let us know.