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9th January 2007, 03:55 PM
I know a few people said that the EVO Reduced was silly because of the increase in the increased protein... But King became a little over weight, ok lying a lot overweight...His idel weight is supposed to be 17.5-18 and he's ashamed to say it just under 22 :roll: . He's been on the Reduced for bout 1.5 months and been exercising him + the family like crazy (we all need some)

Ok so with this going on King has lost just about 1 lb in a 1.5 months...So proud of my baby!!!! And when he reaches his idel weight I'm hoping to try putting him back on regular EVO continue his exercise daily, and hopely keep his weight the same 17lbs...

Karlin what did u do for Lily to help her loose weight, I for got because it's been so long ago...

10th January 2007, 07:12 AM
i can't tell if zack is getting too thick in the middle because his hair sticks out so much on each side, but he is not thin, that's for certain. the last time i weighed him, he had gone up to 16.9 lbs, which was a lot more than the previous weigh, so i was concerned that he was gaining on the diet i was giving him, and i thought he was thick enough in the middle and didn't need to get any more. i can't tell if he has a layer of fat on him. You can grab skin but i don't know how to tell if it's just skin or if it's fat. ? last time i was at the pet supply store, i got some free samples of the reduced EVO but haven't given it to him yet. does king like it the same?

I know one thing karlin did was reduce the portion of dog food, eliminate dog treats, and give veggies instead of higher calorie treats.

10th January 2007, 02:49 PM
Judy, King's the same you can't tell exactly how big he is because of all the hair he has...but as soon as you lift him up then...oh boy!! you can tell he's heavier then he was a couple months ago... King likes the reduced the same. maybe even better because of the added protein to it...

It seems to be helping, he went from about 21.8-22 to about 20.9-21 in about a month...but I don't know about taking treats out of his diet he loves his treats..I think he would go crazy without his treats..but I only buy him treats that are either low-fat or don't have as much as the others...even then I don't give him alot mayb 1 or 2 a day..then he gets fruits/veggies all the time...loves brocolli, carrots, peas, corn, apples, bananas, blue/rasp/black/straw-berries...So I'll see how this goes hopefully on the positive and he'll be down to 18lbs (this is our goal) but even at 18 he was still big (well according to my mom) :lol:

I'm trying to keep him active but now this week it's been very cold...so outside time isn't as long as it used to be.. the last couple of weeks the days have been gorgeous so going to the park, and walks were like hrs...now it's mayb like 30-45 mins because of the cold...but's we'll think of something, mayb chasing each other around the house :lol: