View Full Version : Has anyone had surgery for PSOM on their baby?

9th January 2007, 11:01 PM
As most of you will know, we didn't have a very positive Neurology appointment yesterday.

What I would like to know is, have any of you had surgery for PSOM (which is linked to SM) performed on any of your babies and if so, what was the outcome and did it have to be repeated?

I have virtually made up my mind which way we are going to go on this but am just interested in anyones experiences.

Mr Skerritt and my own Vet both say that it is likely to have to be repeated and most often, more than once. However, Mr Targett and Ms Sturgeon (soft tissue surgeon) both say that if it is performed properly then it will only have to be done once.

It is quite a gruesome surgery too :( they bore a hole under the eardrum which is about 1/2cm in diameter and then scoop out the debris and flush the hole out :shock: . I don't know whether they go in from the side of the face or inside the mouth, I didn't ask I was a bit shellshocked at the description :shock:

So, anyone had any actual experiences of this? I have myself had yukky things done to my ears without much success & one of my friend's hubbys was left in a worse comdition after an extremely similar operation.

Charlie can't talk to me and I think he might have enough problems already without having a very painful and delicate operation performed on him :(

10th January 2007, 03:39 AM
Oh Donna....I can't give you any advice, cause I don't know, but I just wanted to say again how sorry I am that you and Charlie have to go through this. You are always so supportive when I have issues with Lily or my Lhasa . Just want you to know that we are here for you.
:hug: to you and Charlie from Lily, Chloe and me.

Cathy Moon
10th January 2007, 12:51 PM
We were all set to join the PSOM study at Ohio State University, but then Geordie's hearing returned and his symptoms went away. So I backed out.

I had several discussions with Drs. Hillier and Cole, and they told me they go through the eardrum to remove the thick mucus plug. They also told me the surgery might need to be repeated.

10th January 2007, 06:26 PM
{{{{{{{{Shay}}}}}}}} No worries hunny :flwr:

{{{{{{{{Cathy}}}}}}}}, thanks for that. That's exactly what I have heard too. I have just been to see James and we had a good chat about it. He said he couldn't tell me either way what to do but he was offered the surgery by a soft tissue specialist for one of his dogs and refused - that's good enough for me.

Also, if Charlie really needs it doing then he can have the plugs removed at my own Vets as Tom does ear surgery - I didn't know that until today. It would be much easier to have anything like that done there as I wouldn't have to stay overnight somewhere and Charlie knows the nurses there too. He is still extremely nervous of strangers and strange places & i don't really want to traumatise him any more than he has been in the past.

I'm going to call the referral centre tomorrow and tell them that we're just going to have the scan & another neurologist appointment :flwr:

Thanks again :hug: